Your Subconscious Mind

How does your subconscious mind work?

Your subconscious mind is there to protect you. It stores everything that has ever happened in your life. It remembers everything. But it has no reasoning abilities.

It decides if an experience you had was good or not from  your emotions that you had at the time of the experience.

Now if when you where growing up you heard your parents talking about not having enough money for anything extra and say when you wanted something you felt bad because you knew your parents didn’t have any extra money for it and so you never asked. Chances are that you will have trouble as an adult having extra money because your subconscious mind believes there is no such thing as extra money for stuff.

Or lets say you have a fear of large crowds and you don’t remember anything happening that would of caused you to fear large crowds. But, there is something there or you would not have any issues with large crowds. You may feel a little uncomfortable as anyone might but you wouldn’t fear large crowds.

Lots of people have a belief in their subconscious mind that they are not good enough. I can hear you saying, no not me. But this is a hard one as what you feel on the outside may not match what your subconscious believes.

But if you look closely , areas of your life will show it. One example would be that you are uncomfortable in a room with very successful people. You should not feel any different no matter who you are around.

So you see how things that have happened in your life can affect what is happening in your life right now.

It all comes down to how we perceived things that happened to us and the emotions that we felt at the time.

Holding on to negative stuff can really mess us up and even create problems in our bodies. There are case studies where people have cured themselves of diseases , including cancer just by releasing all their negative baggage.

Some people have no idea they have any negative things that they are carrying with them. They just assume that their life is just the way it is and their is nothing they can do to change it. This is very far from the truth.

As more people start to wake up and realize that there is more to life then what we have all been taught, we will start to see more people letting go of the baggage they no longer need and moving into the life they do want.

You can tell if you have clutter that needs to go by looking at different areas of your life. Do you have the job you want? Do you have enough money? Are you in a happy relationship? Do you feel good about yourself and are you truly happy?

If you answered no to any of the above , that is your clue to which areas of your life that have limiting beliefs that need to be removed so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Everyone can have the life they want! We were all born with a clean slate. We all had a mindset that was set for success in all areas of our lives. But, we all grew up differently and different beliefs were formed with each one of us.

Because no two people experience the same things, no two people will grow up feeling the same way about different things.

So if you and say your brother grew up in the same house and you have trouble with relationships or money and he does not, you would of had something that happened that affected your way of thinking in those areas of your life. Or your brother could of had the same thing happen in those areas of his life and his feeling were neutral so it never changed his natural way of thinking.

Your subconscious mind needs to be cleared so you can free yourself from whatever is holding you back.

You may have no money issues so you think that you have no limiting beliefs or blocks. But unless every area of your life is the way you want it to be , including your health, I can assure you that you do have stuff in your subconscious mind that needs to go.

Our subconscious minds remember everything that has ever happened in our lives. It can not tell when beliefs are no longer needed. It only remembers how you felt about a situation and when a similar situation comes up, it remembers and does whatever it needs to to remind you of how you felt.

In order for your subconscious mind to know different , you have to release those feelings associated with whatever is no longer needed. Basically accepting what is.

Once you start removing these limiting beliefs, you will feel different and you will think differently. You will finally know what has been holding you back from having the life you desire.

Until we start removing junk we can’t start moving  forward to where we want to go. We may feel stuck, sort of like we are getting know where. In fact what we are doing is repeating our same mistakes again only in a different situation and we don’t even know it.

In The Gamma Mindset, Chris Walton talks about this subject more and he gives a clear path to take to remove what needs to go.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful and it will give you everything your heart desires, but until we remove the junk that it thinks it’s protecting us from, we will only be going in circles.

Removing limiting beliefs on our own can be rather difficult and you will probably have no idea where to begin. There are quite a few programs that are available to do this. Not all are as effective as others.

By going to my Life changing products page you will see what I recommend.

Remember, what you put into your personal development will only improve your life, in fact it can change your life so much , you will wonder why you did not do this sooner.


12 thoughts on “Your Subconscious Mind

  1. Jeff

    Very interesting post and topic. I have read some on the subconscious mind. What a strange and wonderful place. And a bit scary too, I suppose. That is an amazing proposition: Everything that a person has ever experienced through the senses and emotions are “filed” in the subconscious mind forever.

    And I, too, have experienced the feeling of not being worthy, not being good enough, even though I studied hard for years, got the degrees, license, years of experience, etc. And still feeling that I’m in over my head.

    This is interesting stuff.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Jeff,

      I can guarantee that you have limiting beliefs. That is where your negative feelings are coming from. I recommend you read my article creating a clutter free mind and follow to the pages I recommend. That should help alot. If you want to make some overall changes for the good then read Creating A Bug Free Mind. It will totally transform you.

  2. Nate

    Not until I started practicing yoga and meditation did I realize how important it was for us as humans to take time out of our daily lives and let negative thoughts and feelings go in order to live a life that we want to live. Now that I’ve become a little more mindful of my thoughts and how I respond to them I have started to notice how my brain automatically tries to deal with a situation and I am able to change how I react instead of acting on the instincts of my subconscious mind.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Nate,

      That is awesome! Most people don’t have control of their minds. They have no idea what thoughts are going through their minds. So glad to hear you do!

  3. Hannah

    Well said! The subconcious mind is such a powerful force. I truly believe that our thoughts, even the ones we are unaware of, have a profound effect on our reality. You get more of what you focus on. Focus on being poor and you will remain poor. Focus on wealth and the feelings of wealth and you will receive wealth!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Hannah.

      That is very true. Our subconscious minds are so very powerful. If we learn to listen to our thoughts and then get control of what we want our thoughts to be we can have great things happen in our lives

  4. frankj2016

    This was a fascinating post on an interesting subject. Thank you. For me this sort of dovetails into my interest in Quantum Physics and how your mind creates your reality. I struggle with negativity from time to time and find it hard to shake of at times. Posts like this are very informative for people like me.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Frank,

      I too have an interest in quantum Physics, As far as negativity goes. It is a matter of being present in the moment. When we are present, there is no negative anything.

  5. Sim

    That’s a very interesting topic that can also be a very complicated one.

    I find you made a good job explaining it in simple words. I like how I can relate to the examples you gave.

    It really is an amazing part of ourselves. As you said, we can’t progress or “correct” some things if we don’t let go. But it’s also quite hard to do. Especially when you don’t realize that’s your subconscious speaking.

    Good read!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hello Sim,

      I hear what you are saying. If you want help figuring it out then I would recommend reading Creating a Clutter Free Mind. Or going here and downloading the first five chapters of it.

  6. christinamk

    Great advice! Our thoughts guide our every decision in life and if we are having doubts it can definitely affect us and what we can achieve! Being able to clear out all the doubt and negative thoughts would definitely help out in leading a life more in line with our desires. Sometimes we are totally unaware that we are having doubts about something we want in life.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Christina,

      Thanks for your comment. What has been proven is that our thoughts and emotions are what create our lives. We all have limiting beliefs of some kind. Some people around money or relationships for example. If we don’t remove those faults beliefs we have about ourselves our subconscious mind will not let us go beyond them.

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