Why We Procrastinate

By | March 9, 2016

Let’s find out why we procrastinate and see if we can get beyond it

When we put off a task till the last possible minute, we are procrastinating. But lets have a look at why we procrastinate and how it can affect us.why we procrastinate

Procrastination can become a habit and it can affect our entire lives. We may put off things at our jobs or in our personal lives. This can cause stress, overwhelm, resentment and guilt. Sometimes it can even be the start of depression.

But, it is not always caused by the same things. Sometimes it’s created by just having too many things to do. When there are so many things that we want to get done , we can become overwhelmed . Or maybe we need to do something that is a large project and it feels over whelming.

It’s sort of like our brain sees it as too much to do and decides it’s not doing anything. It’s kinda like your brain can’t see the beginning or the end and just decides to do nothing,

This is when you need to just relax and figure out what needs to be done. Break it down into smaller chunks so that each chunk that is accomplished, you will feel grateful for it being done.

Sometimes it a matter of wanting to accomplish something and you just know there is not enough time in that day to accomplish it. So you don’t even start it. With something like this you could make yourself a plan to work on it for say a couple of hours a day until it is done.

If you write down your plan, then chances are you will follow through as you will see yourself getting closer and closer to it being done.

At times we can become mentally drained, even physically drained. It’s different then being tired. This is a good time to just get up and do something, anything as long as your are doing something.

The longer you remain in this state the harder it will be to motivate yourself to do anything and because this is all mental, you could become depressed.

We also procrastinate when we are not motivated. True motivation comes from being inspired. Try to figure out what inspires you. If you love what you are doing then procrastination will probably never visit you in that area.

I remember a job I had that I really liked. It was fun going to work. Then my boss added a new daily task that would take me about an hour to do. It was not something I liked to do. So on a daily basis, I basically had to force myself to complete this task. If I had not forced myself, I would of procrastinated and probably fallen behind. So in this case it was my self discipline that kept me moving forward.

procrastination1A few years later I learned that if you have something you don’t like but needs to be done You have to change the way you look at it and feel about it.

So Is one of the reason, why we procrastinate have to do with the way we look at it?

If you have something that needs to be done and you are having a hard time doing it. I suggest that you start by changing the way you are looking at it and the way you feel about it. If you think it is going to be hard , then you need to see it as being easy.

If you feel it is boring then tell yourself this won’t be bad. Then you need to visualize the steps it will take to get it done.  Picture it as being done.Then feel how good it will feel to have it done. Then do the first step and see how good it feels to have that out of the way.

The next day , again visualize the steps it will take to get done. Picture it as being done. Then feel how good it will feel to have it done. Then do the second step. By doing this, your mind sees it as not as much to do and it will make it much easier. Keep repeating this until it is done.

when ever you are procrastinating about something, try to figure out why. Once you know the reason, you can then try to figure out a way to get unstuck.

As you can see there is not just one reason why we procrastinate, but looking at why you are doing it will get you closer to figuring out a solution.