Why We Judge Others – You Maybe Surprised

By | May 16, 2016

You Maybe Surprised Why We Judge Others

Let’s have a look at why we judge others. When I was growing up I can remember lots of times where one of us kids why we judge otherswould judge someone. One time that comes to mind is I remember seeing a large lady walking and my sister said wow, she is really fat. My mother said maybe she can’t help it. She may have something wrong with her.

Another time I remember is when we were shopping and I pointed out to my mom that a little girl had holes in her pants. My mother said maybe her parents can’t afford to buy her any pants right now.

This was the way my mother always viewed other people. She did not judge , but she also taught me another way to look at things.

So I grew up always putting myself in someones else shoes , so to speak, rather than judging them. I learned that things aren’t always as they appear to be.

I consider myself very lucky for learning such a great lesson. It has been with me my whole life.

But what if you grew up thinking judging someone was the normal thing to do, does that mean you judge people as an adult?

Have you ever thought about why we judge others? Could it be that what we are judging is something we feel about ourselves?

Most of us have seen situations such as where an attractive girl is minding her own business and another female will make some kind of judgement about this girl.

Guys do the same thing about other guys, but it is usually about some ability or about the other guys vehicle.

What is the purpose of this?

Just like other things, judging is a habit. If we grew up with hearing others judge , than we too develop the habit. Our egos think that we can make ourselves feel better if we judge. But what we are doing is bringing up feeling about some kind of inadequacy we perceive about ourselves.

When you start to judge someone, ask yourself what is it about this person that makes me uncomfortable? It’s a great starting point to see what you are feeling inside. This is a great way to start to learn more about yourself. You will see that the judgement really has nothing to do with the person, it has to do with you.

We will know why we judge others

When we feel good about ourselves, we will have learned to accept everything about ourselves. We accept all our flaws as just who we are. We no longer need to feel any inadequacy as there is none. We just are. When we can get to this point, we no longer have a need to judge.

Now that we understand why we judge others, we can make a conscious choice to not do it. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all just accepted each other for who we are?

Of course the first place to start is to love and accept yourself fully. You can not accept something about someone else that you have not accepted about yourself first.

Remember you are special! No one is exactly like you.

2 thoughts on “Why We Judge Others – You Maybe Surprised

  1. Beth White

    My Granny was like your mother, (my mother was a very caring and loving mother) and my Granny would always see the good in others. She taught special needs children, long before they were called ‘special’. She was told that all she needed to do is babysit these children. But instead, she taught them how to read, music, basic math, PE, science, and insisted that her class go on field trips, just like the other classrooms.

    Even though she has passed away over 15 years ago, she is still an inspiration in teaching me not to judge others and also, to bring out the best in others.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Beth,
      Thank you for leaving your nice comment.
      It’s nice when you grow up knowing that everyone is special in their own way and not to judge people. I always try to find the best in everyone.

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