Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

By | January 24, 2016

Let’s examine why people get to the point where they ask  why can’t I stop eating? food

For too many people food has become like a best friend. We use food when we need to feel relief from something. It starts small with perhaps buying a candy bar or an ice cream to just feel better. Then it grows into a habit and because we did not recognize it happening, it got out of control.

We want to stop this habit, but how?

I will show you a way that you can change this habit and stop it all by yourself.

Anything we do starts in our mind first. We think about everything we do before we do it. The problem is that we don’t pay attention to those thoughts. So the thoughts in your mind are encouraging you to eat when you are not hungry. You no longer listen to your body and let it tell you when it is hungry.  You now have all these thoughts in your mind that are justifying your eating.

So in order to stop the eating habit , you need to get control over your thoughts. So you need a way to be able to do this. I will tell you how to get started in my article on how to stop the negative thoughts. This will get you started on being able to hear what is going on in your mind. Once you are able to do what the article says then go to my page how quiet your mind and learn the next step of quieting your mind.

When you can quiet your mind when ever you want to it is time to start controlling what your thoughts are about food. quiet

Whenever you feel like eating something, ask yourself, am I hungry? This will make you aware of the thoughts that are going on at the moment.

Once you are aware of some of those thoughts, now it is time to start re-programming those thoughts to new ones.

For this you should find a quiet place to be without distractions. Now go inside your mind and find the quietness. Next tell your mind , I eat when I am hungry, I eat when my body tells me it’s hungry, I listen to my body, food is for my body to get nutrients from, I only when my body requries me to, Food is for nurishment , I do not ever over eat, I stop eating as soon as I feel full, I eat slowly.

The idea is to start forming new thoughts patterns around your feelings about food. You will need to repeat this process at least 3 times a day.

You will start to notice that you become more and more aware of your thoughts and you will be able to notice a thought about food before you reach for food. At this point , change the thought you just had to something more positive about food, such I eat only when I’m hungry. Then ask,  Am I hungry?

So how much do you really want this to happen? I ask because it is not going to happen over night. And the longer this has been going on, the more effort it will take to change.

So what do I do if I just can’t stop myself?

So you are just needing something to eat and you have determined that you are not hungry. what are you going to do when you can’t convince yourself to not eat?

You are going to have a list ready. 

You need to write down every reason why you don’t want to eat like this anymore. If you are overweight, then write that down and how being overweight makes you feel. If you are spending too much money on food , write down what you could buy instead of food. The idea is to build a list that you can read to yourself when this happens.

The more emotions you feel when writing this list and re-reading it the better.

Remember, it can be a while before your habits start to change, so don’t give up.

There are some things you can do to speed this along. By listening to messages that go directly to your subconscious you can change your thought patterns a lot quicker, so you will see results a lot quicker. Anyone can change their thoughts patterns for the better and accomplish what they want to. If you want to speed things up or you are not getting the results you want yet then go learn more about it here

Once you start changing those thought patterns ,  you are well on your way to breaking the eating habit.

If you have any questions or would like to let me know how this worked out for you, then leave a comment below.



24 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

  1. Enid

    It is important to think before you eat, and to recognize that food is a tool and a pleasure. It should not be a weapon that we beat our feelings down with.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I wrote this article because way too many people tend to use food to fill the void they are feeling. We all need to be in touch with our feelings so this doesn’t happen to us.

  2. Cevin

    I have almost had full control over my eating for quite some time now, but I haven’t managed to get rid of my nemesis – jellybeans. If I buy a pack of these, I eat the full pack in no time no matter how full I am.

    It’s time to re-program my thoughts and say goodbye to overeating jellybeans! 😀

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Cevin,
      We all have some food that we enjoy a lot. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand then we are fine. I’m assuming you don’t eat a bag of jelly beans every night? LOL

  3. Nate

    Hi Gloria, I use to massively struggle with my relationship with food prior to getting in to working out. I now loo at food purely as fuel, it did take me a long time to get to that stage though and it did 100% begin with me retraining and reminding myself what food is meant for! Great post & very insightful for others struggling with their relationship with food like I was!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Nate,
      I’m so glad to hear that you changed your relationship with food by retraining your mind and just reminding yourself. That is basically what needs to be done. Everyone is different so It is not usually a real quick fix but it makes you aware so the chances of it happening again are a lot slimmer. Thanks for the post.

  4. Dinh

    It’s so true that food is a best friend that we have attached ourselves to. Emotional eating is the worse sort of behavior for me and I find that I will eat when I am stressed or bored. I know I am doing it but it makes me feel better and is so hard to break the habit. At least I am aware of my actions and can take the next steps to healthy eating.

    why do I eat less when I am happy?

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Dinh,
      If you are eating for emotional reasons, then when you don’t feel happy, you will seek food to to fill your void , so to speak. Just being aware that you do this is a good first step, as you can learn to recognize the emotions you are feeling before you go for the food.

  5. Vicky

    Great article! This is a great process that can be applied not only to food issues but anything.
    I enjoyed it very much,

    Thank you for sharing,

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Vicky,
      You are so right. You can use this with lots of things that you want to change in your life. It’s all about being in control of your thoughts. Thanks for your comment.

  6. TheDopestMatrix

    you are so right. people always think they are hungry when realliy its just something in their brain pretending to be hungry, when usually its more like depression, or boredom. I like the idea about building a list of emotions towards eating bad foods, but I feel like building a list of why you need healthy eating in your life will have a more motivational and powerful impact.

    1. Gloria


      Yes, every habit we have starts in our mind. I think building a list of why you need to eat healthy is a great idea. However, unless you recognize what emotions are involved in your eating habits you can not recognize what is causing you to eat.

  7. Bri

    I like your beautiful, simple and helpful website! Congratulations and keep it up!

    I think another factor to consider is WHO you eat with. My husband likes to do more intensive work-outs and as a result, he eats. A lot. SO, I often have to adapt my eating preferences. Do NOT eat the fries even though they are in front of you by the endless bucketload, and sweet potato still means nothing if it has the word FRIED in the title, for example!!!!!

    Also, drink WATER! Tons of water. Drink at least 8 oz. before you eat. Often, the brain triggers the hunger pangs when in fact, you are thirsty. There is tons of science behind this and I always have to remind myself of this this tip by toting around reusable water bottles, not just to the gym!

    I would love to hear your tips on spending less while eating healthy, organic foods! It’s so hard to do!

    Thank you for the wonderful tips to help stay on the healthy track!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Bri,

      You are so right. When we have someone around that is eating stuff it becomes tempting. Water is also a great way to hold off yourself from eating. I find that tea also works real well.

  8. Monica Bouteiller

    Hi Gloria,

    I really enjoyed reading this! I drink a lot of water which fills me up. It seems the best method that works best for me is to have vegies cut up into bite size pieces in the morning and much easier to reach into the frig and grab something already prepared.

    Great article and well written. In fact your entire site is well done with wonderful articles that very interesting to read! Thank you!!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Monica,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I am please that you like my site. It is all about the way I live and I hope to inspire more people to find themselves so they too can live a happy and fulfilling life.

  9. Chris

    I used to get this problem a lot when I was younger until suddenly one day I realized that a sort of ‘spare tire’ was forming aorund my belly area!
    It was mainly down to being bored for me – I ate to give myself something to do due to unemployment. Thankfully I got rid of the problem and the tire by taking up morning runs!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Chris,

      Glad to hear that. Lots of people have some kind of eating problem and don’t understand the mind body connection. I glad you got through this. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Jeff

    Okay, I’m overweight. 80-100 pounds. Overeating is a big part of my problem. But I think I can narrow it down even more than just saying “overeating.”

    I think I am addicted to sugar. And I think I eat pretty healthy during the day. Good, whole foods. Moderation. maybe 400-500 calories a meal. Then at dinner I may eat 700-1,000 calories, maybe a little less.

    With moderate exercise I could actually lose weight on this kind of daily calorie intake.

    Here’s the problem. At night, after dinner, at some point I have seemingly uncontrollable cravings for sweets. Candy bar, cookies and milk, ice cream, cake and milk. I blow my daily calorie budget after doing so well. And I do this almost every day. I know I am messing up when I do it, but it’s like it’s out of control.

    1. Gloria

      There could be many reasons for the cravings. Are you watching tv when this happens? There are lots of commercials that will do this to you. But no matter the reason , it all comes down to not controlling your thoughts. When you get cravings, I can guarantee that your thoughts are telling you things that are causing your cravings. I would recommend that you start with my article creating a clutter free mind and follow the recommended page at the bottom of the article which will take you to the next article and the next.Through reading these articles, you will learn a way to get control of your thoughts.

  11. Alexey

    Wow, very powerful article. It will help people to stop that bad habit. You know, My mom used to tell me when I’m young to ask myself the exact question “am I hungry”, and I don’t know but probably that’s why I am not fat today. It is a powerful question that can change lives. I am eating a lot these days, but I’m only eating healthy foods, and watching my diet. That way I grow and add muscle mass rather than fat. At the end of the day it goes down to who you want to be in the near future.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Alexey,

      Thanks for the comment. What your mom told you stuck. Your subconscious mind will always remember that and make you aware of if you are hungry or not. That is how our subconscious minds work.

  12. Jodie

    Thank you for this post. I am a shift worker and have put on a lot of weight, mainly from eating out of tiredness. I tried the asking myself the question Am I really hungry several times during this shift ( I am at work now) and this has worked. When I ask myself this I instantly went to how my stomach felt and there was not one pang of hunger there. Thank you for sharing. I will be reading your other posts when I return home today.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jodie,

      I am so glad my article was able to help you. Our minds are great things and when we control our own mind great things will happen. Keep going!

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