Why Am I Not Happy

By | January 27, 2016

When we ask ourselves, why am I not happy? What we are really asking ourselves is, what is missing from our life?

A lot of people will start to think stuff like , I’m in the wrong relationship, I hate my job, I need a new car, or if only I had more money then I would be happy. HAPPY

So, let’s think for a minute. If you had more money what would you buy to make yourself happy? Now let’s say you buy this and you feel so happy. But then wait, how long will it be before you need something else to make you happy?

Could it be that happiness can’t be bought?

Let’s examine this for a minute. What you bought made you happy, but did it? You still have everything else that you are not happy with. So it really only made you feel happiness and when that happiness wears off you will be off finding something else to make you feel happy.

Want to know how happy you really are?

Take this happiness quiz . Did you learn somethings about yourself?

Rather then having to always have things to feel happiness, wouldn’t it be better to find out what truly makes you happy?

You start by just accepting that everything in your life just is. Just accept it. It doesn’t mean you have to like it. You just have to accept that this is where your life is.

You see happiness is a choice

You mean I can just choose to be happy? Yes, you can.

happy face

If we look at different areas of of our life one by one and accept that this is just how it is right now, then we can become aware of how to move forward.

It’s the feeling that we are stuck where we are at that makes us feel unhappy. In his book, Creating A Bug Free Mind, Andy Shaw teaches us how to be happy all the time. He breaks down exactly how to turn your whole life around and create the life you truly want.

So are you ready to be truly happy?

So, just what would your life be like if you were truly happy all the time?

Just imagine waking up every day, ready to meet the day with excitement. No worries, no fears , just a clear head that knows where they are headed in their life and how to get there.

Start being happy today.

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