What Is The Law Of Attraction About

By | May 25, 2016

What Is The Law Of Attraction About?

I am going to answer, what is the law of attraction about , but first I want to tell you a real story so that you can avoid becoming a victim.

I have had several people asking me about different people that teach the law of attraction. I did not know much about any of the ones I was asked about, so I decided to research some of these people.what is the law of attraction about

I did research on two different people/companies. What I found at first was lots of positive stuff and than I started to find lots of complaints. These were not ordinary complaints. People are feeling like they or someone they know are being brainwashed.

The complaints state that these people who have huge followings and appear to have a good reputation are teaching that everything in life is supposed to be positive. That you can heal yourself of anything and that you should rid yourself from anyone who is negative. They are teaching you what to think.

People who are complaining go on to say how they or someone they know has gotten really sick and thinking they can just cure themselves with their thoughts. One man stated that his mother had totally separated herself from her family and then she became sick with cancer.

She thought she could heal herself as these people had her believe that anyone can heal themselves.  By the time he realized what was going on she was very sick and had spent thousands on these people’s materials. Sadly this woman died.  Yes, it is true that we can do a lot with our minds and their are real energy healers out there. But the average person can not do this.

So what is the law of attraction about

The law of attraction is very real but from my research it seems that some people are taking advantage of their large followings and making lots of money off of their products such as CD’s, Mps’s , books and conferences.

Anyone who wants to know who I am talking about can email me at support@creatingacutterfreemind.com and I will be happy to share.

Now to answer the question , what is the law of attraction about , it is about controlling your own thoughts. There is actually quite a bit to it. It takes time to learn and understand it.

It is a way of living, but it is not being positive all the time. We all have issues and problems that need to be dealt with .  It’s a way of finding the truth about things.

You can change your way of thinking about money and nothing else and create more money in your life, but if you have any problem hanging on to money, then you will need to change those thoughts too.

Everyone is capable of using the law of attraction to their advantage. It’s just a matter of learning how to do certain things so you get the results you are looking for.what is the law of attraction about

No matter where we are in our lives, we can turn things around. It starts with getting control of our thoughts. Most of us don’t even understand how many thoughts we have in a day. If we aren’t tuned into hear our thoughts then they are just happening and we don’t even know what is being said to ourselves.

If you would like to start hearing what your thoughts are go to my article How to stop the negative thoughts and learn how to do just that. Once we are tuned into our thoughts , then we need to learn how to quiet those thoughts on demand. You can learn how to do that by going to how to quiet the mind .

Once you can quiet your mind on demand, then you will need to start removing limiting beliefs. If you want to read about them, then go to limiting beliefs.

Removing limiting beliefs is an area that needs some thought put into it. Because if we try to use the law of attraction , say to create money and we have limiting beliefs around money , then we will conclude that the law of attraction does not work, when in all reality it is our limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

So removing limiting beliefs is a must. In fact the number one reason people can’t make the law of attraction work for them is their limiting beliefs.

So as an example, lets say that your subconscious mind believes that there is not enough money and that you can only ever make so much money. So you ask the universe for more money and you visualize your life with more money, you act out the part and you make this your main focus.

But because you have this limiting belief, something will stop you. No matter how much you try your subconscious mind will follow that belief and you will get no where. But remove those beliefs and progress comes easily.


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Hope you enjoy video below by Andy Shaw who is a master at teaching the law of attraction.

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