What Is Fear Of Failure

By | April 28, 2016

What Is Fear Of Failure And What Causes It?

Fear of failure is when you desire success but fear failure more. It can be like you want to quit the job you have right now and there is a job opening that you are very interested in. You want to apply for it. It could be the job you have always wanted , but something just what is fear of failurewon’t let you do it. You start having doubts until you have convinced yourself that it won’t work. So what is fear of failure? That is fear of failure!

You see your mind has trouble dealing with the future because it doesn’t know what is there. So it would rather hang onto what it knows to be safe.

But the problem is how are you going to move a head if you fear the unknown or uncertainty?

Did you know that successful people look for solutions , they never ever let their minds visit the what if problems, you know , what if this doesn’t work out.

They are always looking for ways to succeed. Failure does not enter their minds. They may fail, but it was never on their mind and failure just shows them where they went wrong and how to do it better the next time.

It’s all about mindset. Anyone can develop the correct mindset for success

In the case of a new job, ask yourself, what is the worst case scenario that could happen if I take a new job? Then really experience this in your mind. Then ask yourself , If I fail what will I learn from it? More job experience? or other things? Then ask yourself what do I think will really happen?

If you do this you will have less fear, as you will have already lived the worst thing that could happen in your head. Doing this will also help you make the correct choice for you.

Fear of failure is about not knowing , not understanding the risks. The more you can understand about what is involved, the less fear you will feel.

“A failure is not one who has attempted and failed but one who has failed to attempt for fear of failing.”
Chinonye J. Chidolue

Fear is just an illusion, I know it feels real , but it is only in our heads. It is something our ego does to us to try to keep us safe.

You know you have your mind that says , wow, I would love to have my own business, or whatever you would like and you become all excited at the thought of it, but then your subconscious says , wait a minute, you have no experience with this, you won’t succeed, your not smart enough, it will take too long and on and on until you decide that it’s not possible.

Now how did your subconscious do that? Very simple. The thoughts in your head, the ones you may not even be aware of , they kept  right on talking until they had convinced you to give up. And they will go on to convince you that you made the right choice.

You see your subconscious mind does not like change because it can not predict what will happen. It can only use experiences you have had in your life to agree or disagree with you. And sense you have not had a business before, it finds that scary.

So when we ask what is fear of failure , we are really talking about our subconscious mind. We may not think we fear something, but if our subconscious mind does then the fear will be there.

The fear is a limiting belief that our subconscious mind believes to be true.  We can not just tell it that it is okay. It will not understand words.

So how do we remove limiting beliefs?

There are several ways to do this. You can do a program such as Hypnosis recordings , a book like Creating A Bug Free Mind   or a program like Gamma Mindset . All these programs will remove limiting beliefs. It is just a matter of which one you relate better to and how fast you want things to change for you. I would check out what all 3 have to offer before deciding on one.

If you have fear of failure , as so many people do, I would highly recommend removing that belief from your subconscious mind, as it is a very powerful belief that will hold you back.

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”George Edward Woodberry

Don’t let your subconscious mind fool you into thinking that you don’t need to do this. I promise you that if you can get past those thoughts that  tell you otherwise , then you will never ask what is fear of failure again.