Using A Bug Free Mind

By | March 17, 2016

A review of Using A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw


This is the second book by Andy Shaw. Using A Bug Free Mind. I did a review on his first book Creating A Bug Free Mind. Lets find out if Using A Bug Free Mind is as good as his first book.

Using A Bug Free Mind

His first book removes the bugs in your mind, as he calls them. They are your limiting beliefs.

Using A Bug Free Mind picks up where Creating A Bug Free Mind leaves off.

I own this book so I will tell you what you will find. It starts with Andy taking you on a journey through your mind showing you how to remove any remaining bugs that are left in your mind after using his first book Creating A Bug Free Mind. He also tries to bring anyone up to speed who hasn’t read his first book. However, he doesn’t recommend reading this book before reading his first book, Creating A Bug Free Mind.

So now that the bugs have been removed, it time to learn how to use your mind to create your life the way you want. Andy calls this creating by design.

You will learn exactly what needs to be done to start creating what you desire into your life. If you have read his first book , you will no longer have garbage in your mind that will get in your way of creating. You will know exactly how to get what you want, as you will now have all the pieces in place.

Again, like the first book this is more than just a book you read, put down and forget about. You will learn exactly how to go about creating the life you desire. I know that seems unreal but I can tell you, it is all very real.

If we were all taught everything that is in Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A bug Free Mind when we were little, our life and the whole world would be a different place for sure.

Anyone who has read the first book will automatically want to read this book without a second thought.

This book and Andy Shaw’s first book should get into the hands of as many people as possible. what he teaches is that important!

I have no negatives to say here. Andy Sets out to teach the world, person by person and he delivers on what he promises. He has developed these books so well to help anyone, that he offers a money back guarantee if you are not happy.

We all know that he wrote these two books to make money, as others do, however it is more than just the money aspect. He is very sincere in his mission to help people.

This is very obvious with all the great free materials he offers to anyone and his free live questions and answers broadcasts that he does where anyone can ask a question and he will answer it.

There is also audios and videos for both books as he realizes that people learn best when how they are learning matches their learning style.

So this is just an overview for anyone who is ready to change their life. For me this has been the most amazing journey I have ever been on and I did not have to go anywhere , but in my own mind.

To learn more about Andy Shaw’s process – Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind you can click here.

To recieve his free video training

To get his free mental strength kit

I joined his mailing lists before I purchased his books as my mind just was not ready to accept that books could teach something this good or that it would help me. You may not be ready either and that is okay. Just join one or all of his mailing lists so you can learn what he teaches first hand.

14 thoughts on “Using A Bug Free Mind

  1. InternetMarketingScamReviews

    Interesting post, I have not heard of any of Shaw’s work. I will research more about these books because I believe in what they stand for. The content of you post and the content that is contained in those books are important. They are important because if people take the principles outlined and implement them into their life they can create positive results in their lives.

    1. Gloria

      Yes, Andy Shaw teaches how to change your whole life for the better. I personally think that if his work was taught in schools the world would be a totally different place.

  2. Gina

    Wow, I really like the thought of having a clear mind. I feel lost and stuck sometimes with what I should do. It would be great to remove what’s holding me back in life.
    I like how you mention that everything would be different if we learned this stuff as kids. I agree. I think a lot more positive things can be taught to children that could help them out with their future.

    1. Gloria

      Gina hello,

      I am sorry to hear you feel lost and stuck at times. You are experiencing limiting beliefs getting in your way. We all have some. I recommend you read Creating A Bug Free Mind, as it will remove those limiting beliefs and you will not feel like a whole new person!

  3. Marcus

    I have to confess that I have not heard of Andy Shaw before, or his book Using a Bug-Free Mind. One question I have, though. Looking at the video on his website, he says that the first book contains everything you need to succeed. If this is true, why does anyone need the second book? Surely that means that the second book is surplus to requirements, right? Or is there much more to the 2nd book than what was covered in the first book?

    1. Gloria

      Hi marcus,

      To answer your question, The first book does contain everything you need to succeed, however the second book takes you on a process of how to use what you learned in the first book. You remove all the limiting beliefs you have in the first book and then you learn how to use your clear mind in the second book. So both books are very valuable.

  4. Nadine

    I have read the first book “Creating a bug free mind” and I loved it. I found it very helpful because once you begin to understand that you are designed to have a successful life, and you realize how to get rid of all the ‘wrong’ vibes that are cluttering your mind, you’ll very quickly begin to see improvements in your life.

    1. Gloria

      That is awesome, you must know how to quiet your mind and control your thoughts. Good for you. Life is so different, as i’m sure you know. I hope you continue on to the second book as it is as good as the first.

  5. Stephen

    Thanks Gloria, for your great review here on Andy Shaw’s books. I’ve never read, or even heard of these: Creating A Bug Free Mind or Using A Bug Free Mind – but I can tell from your review they might be quiet interesting and worth looking out for. I’ll do my research now and, who knows, I may just have to get back here for some deals! Great work!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Stephen,

      I’m glad to see you are going to check them out. They truly are life changing books. I personally would not be without them. They have change my life. If you have questions, you can contact me at Thanks for your comment.

  6. Ben

    WOW this this a great site. I have just gone onto Andy Shaw’s website and I am very impressed. I have signed up to his newsletter so I will report back on how I am progressing. This looks like just what I am in need of right now. Im glad that I found your website.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Ben,

      I am so glad you like the article and Andy Shaw’s work. Please do let me know how you are progressing. Your in for a life change!

  7. Kristin

    This is very interesting. I’ve never read any of Shaw’s work but I can totally relate to the idea behind ridding the mind of the negative and letting go of the things that we hold onto. I’m think everyone can benefit from those ideas but people either don’t want to seek the help or they aren’t aware of these great sources. Thanks for the great article, I’ll definitely be looking into these books.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Kristin,

      For most people, seeing is believing and you can’t see the law of attraction working. Most people want a quick fix to any problem and sadly most aren’t willing to do what they need to do to see change, so they continue to live their life the same way and wonder why things aren’t changing for them.

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