Staying Focused

By | March 19, 2016

How Staying Focused Helps You

Staying focused is the one sure way of getting more accomplished.

In order to focus on what needs to be done you have to have a clear vision of what needs to be done.Staying focused I know that sounds kinda obvious but you would be surprised how many people see the first part of what needs to be done, start on it and then lose their focus because they haven’t figured out what is next.

When you are not focused it’s so easy to stray away from what you wanted to accomplish and harder to start once again.

Making a list of what your goals are for the day really can help. It can also be a great motivator as you cross off one thing and move to the next. That feeling of being one step closer can help.

It also helps to practice staying focused even when you have something small to get done, as you are training yourself to have better focusing skills.

But what about those times when you just can’t seem to focus because your mind won’t let you.

It keeps taking you away to something else in your mind. It could be something you are worried about or something that happened that you can’t stop thinking about.

If this is happening to you then I suggest that you go read this page because you do not have control of your thoughts. Your ego does and this type of focusing problem is what happens when we are online looking for something and then we see something else that takes our interest and on it goes until we have forgotten what we were searching for to begin with.

When we  are staying focused , it is because we know exactly what we want to do. If we come across something that catches our interest , we make a note of it and keep moving forward.

If you want to become highly focused, then spend some time figuring out what really needs to be done to get things accomplished. Write it down and then just focus on getting it done.

When we have a clear mind focusing just happens. We know what we want and we focus on it until it’s done.

4 thoughts on “Staying Focused

  1. Renee Townsend

    You make great points on staying focused. Last year, I had entirely too much on my plate at work. I found myself hopping from assignment to assignment, not quite ever finishing much of everything. The results? At the end of the year, I had little to show for my efforts. It was extremely frustrating and I felt ineffective.

    This year, I’ve taken a new approach and spend blocks of time focusing on one thing. When I find myself distracted by other work, I stop myself and remind myself to finish what I’m doing. I also tell myself, I can’t accomplish everything. It’s better to do what I do well rather than try to do everything and do nothing well.

    We’re wrapping up the first quarter, and already I can see the results of staying focused. I’m accomplishing a lot more and have results to show for it. I’m not getting absolutely everything done, as I’m only one person. However, the tasks I do finish make nice impacts.

    I’m very satisfied with my progress, and the accomplishments I’ve made give me a boost of self-esteem.

    1. Gloria

      Hello Renee,

      You are so right. I am glad you found that focusing on one thing at a time leads to much better results. Congrats on making good progress for the quater

  2. Nathan

    I totally agree that being able to stay focused on something is the best and fastest way to get there. The more distractions you let yourself be distracted by the less likely you are to achieve your goal or those distractions at least slow you down.

    I find when I log in to facebook I always find myself browsing when I went there for a specific reason. Usually catch myself before I’ve wasted too much time.

    I also agree with daily goals and ticking them off as you go. I find a great software for doing this with is something called simpleology – that definitely made me more effective and more efficient

    1. Gloria

      Hi Nathan,

      Facebook is definitely a place where so many people get caught up in as we are social by nature. It is fine as long as it’s not taking away from our focus.

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