Something Is Missing

By | March 13, 2016

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Well lets back up and see if we can figure it out if something is missing.

When we were growing up , like most everyone else, you were taught what to think rather than how to think.

Most of us were taught that getting a good job was top priority and some of us were even convinced to go to college, even though we didn’t want to, but it was part of getting a good job.

So you got a good job, got married, bought a house and had children and continued to work that five day a week, 9-5 job.

Then one day you wake up and realized that something is wrong with this picture or something is missing because, you want more.

You’ve read about people who are famous , but started out just like you. You’ve read about people who only work 4 hours a day, if that and heck your house would fit inside of theirs. All these people are just like you. But, they must have something you don’t because they are very successful.

They do have something you don’t. They have learned how to use their mind to get what they want. As you may or may not know, everything happens on the inside of our minds before it ever is real on the outside.

Think about it, you’ve spent all those years trying to get where you want to go by doing everything on the outside. For most of us, this is the way we were taught. No wonder we can’t get what we want.

We go through life wanting this and that and sometimes we succeed. We may have money put away and we may have quite a few material things, but compared to what we really want , we aren’t even close.

What we are really looking for is on the inside of our minds, our subconscious minds.

Unless we can understand how our minds work and are willing to learn how to use our minds, we will always feel like something is missing.

I have read true stories of people who were homeless and had nothing but their minds to help them. They learned how to use their minds to get out of the situation they were in.

If a person who has nothing can rise above it all with just the use of their mind, then we all can too.

But wait, maybe they had something we don’t have. What they had was a very strong desire to make their situation better.

Imagine if we had that same strong desire for what we wanted to accomplish. How far do you think we could go?

If you want to find that something that is missing , you have to change the way you think about things. How can you get to where you want to go with the same thoughts that got you to where you are now?

There are many ways that can help you to start changing your thoughts and looking at things differently. See my life changing products page for some ideas of where to start.

once your thoughts start changing, you will start to see opportunities all around you. People that can help you get to where you want to go will start appearing in your life.

That is how your mind works. we all have the most amazing tool that lets us be or do whatever we want. We just need to learn how to use it.

So if you want more out of life and want to stop feeling like something is missing in your life then your next step is to learn how to use your mind.

2 thoughts on “Something Is Missing

  1. Lauren Kinghorn

    Wow, Gloria. Great article, and I couldn’t help but click on the link to your life changing products page, which all look brilliant… and most definitely life-changing.
    I was prone to having these existential crises in my life, exactly as you describe in your article, where I felt something was missing, until I started studying A Course in Miracles. Have you come across it? Perhaps it’s another book you can add to your life changing products page?

    1. Gloria

      Hi Lauren,

      I am glad to hear a book called a course in Miracles is helping you. I have not heard of it, but I will definitely check it out. Thanks.

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