Is Creating A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw a scam?reviews

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We are all looking for reviews on products we may be interested in and in my opinion not all reviews are created equal. I believe the best reviews come from people who have actually used the product. This review is from experience of using the product.

I am going to help you determine that by telling you my story. Now the reason I purchased Creating A Bug Free Mind was I knew that my life was not what I wanted it to be and I knew I had to find the missing pieces.

I had already reads lots of books on the law of attraction and nothing seemed to work.  I hunted on the internet for quite a long period of time. I had seen Creating A Bug free mind before but just kept looking for my answer.

After doing this for months, it dawned on me that a lot of the times when I was hunting for my answer that A Bug Free Mind kept popping up. It was then that I realize that Creating A Bug Free Mind may be my answer as for some reason it just kept appearing.

I did lot of research on Andy Shaw and  I downloaded some of his free materials and joined his mailing list. As I read over his materials and began receiving his news letters I started to like the way he taught things. I also started to feel like he was giving away a lot of awesome things. I felt like the stuff he was giving away, he could be charging for.

That is when I started to build trust in him. I began to realize that he really wanted to help people. Sure, he made his living this way, but there was a genuine person there who wanted to help people.

So I purchased the book with great hopes. As I began reading, I just knew that this book would give me the answers I had been searching for.

I stopped looking because I had the found my missing Pieces. I will tell you that these two books Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free mind are the most amazing books I have ever read. They are more than just books. They reviewsare learning manuals.

Andy Shaw is a master at teaching every concept that needs to be understood. He takes you on a learning journey where he guides you through  amazing discoveries about yourself. He teaches you how to control your own thoughts in a structured way rather than your thoughts controlling you.

It’s like a step by step guide that teaches you how to think , instead of what to think.

You will learn the process of how to quiet your mind and then totally learn about yourself as you begin to remove negative thoughts from your mind, clear out all your limiting beliefs and learn what being truly happy is.

Once all the garbage is gone, you will understand so much more. You will see things differently. Opportunities you never knew existed will all of a sudden be there. Life becomes fun!

With me it was like all of a sudden everything became clear. I no longer had to wonder about how to get to where I want to go in life. I just know. You will too. Your path will be clearly lit up. You will just know.

This is not an overnight process. It does take time to accomplish. However I found that because I knew that I was headed in the right direction, I did not care how much time it was going to take.

These also not books that you will just read through and be done. These books teach you a new way of living. You will be applying what you are learning and depending on where you are with your life some concepts that Andy teaches, you will be able to know with just one read. Other things he teaches will be too much for your mind to fully comprehend on the first read through.

The books are a little on the pricey side but if you think about it as not just books but a whole new way of living so that you can have anything you want. Then the price seems real reasonable.

These books work for everyone. Nothing matters, if you can read, you can change your whole life to what you want it to be.

If you truly want change in your life and you are ready to apply what you learn , than I can tell you that you will not go wrong here.  Andy Shaw guarantees your life will change or your money back.

Andy Shaw offers many free materials that offer tremendous value. I encourage you to sign up for his free stuff and start finding your missing pieces.

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