Review Of The Secret Of Deliberate Creation-Does it work?

By | February 28, 2016

Will the Secret Of Deliberate Creation by Dr. Robert Anthony work for you?

Let’s find out. The program can be purchased as a downloadable program or it’s available on discs. deliberate creation banner

I have the downloadable program. So what you are about to hear is my own experience with this program.

When you first purchase the program you are taken to a page where you can download the audios or listen to them right there. There are 12 of them.

On his sale page Dr. Robert Anthony says his program gives you the proven technique that unlocks the law of attraction.

He then says that the number one reason your banging your head against the wall is because your creating unconsciously, instead of by design.

He tells you that manifestation is all about alignment and that he can’t give you everything you need in a one page letter like the one you are on.

He then goes on to say that the secret of deliberation collapses limiting beliefs and unconscious habitual patterns.

He also claims that his program will work for anyone who is breathing and that his rapid change process is simple and effective.

So what I learned is that the proven technique that he is talking about is that scientist who deal with the laws of quantum physics have proven that our thoughts create our worlds. He does a great job explaining this.

His statement about alignment and not being able to teach you everything on one page does not happen in the program either. He teaches you the principles behind alignment and what you have to do to be in alignment, but not how to do it.

He states that his program collapses your limited beliefs and unconscious habitual patterns. I assume that he thinks that by you knowing their is proof from scientists that your limiting beliefs will just dissolve. Unfortunately , it’s your total thought process that has to change and he doesn’t tell you how to do this.

He states that you are not getting what you want because you are not creating by design but rather by default.This is correct. The problem is he does not teach you how to create by design.

As you can see from his ad, he is claiming that his program, the secret of deliberate creation holds the key to unlocking the success formula contained in think and grow rich.

Think and Grow Rich is an amazing book and it did help a lot of people, but it does have some missing pieces. However, those missing pieces are not found in this program.

His sales page would lead the reader to believe that this is a total program for deliberate creation. It is not. I’m sure this program will help some people, but for the average person, it will be a disappointment.

A true program that can help you, teaches you everything you need to know and then teaches you how to apply it.

See my review on  my number one program that does all it should and more.

Another thing this Dr. Robert Anthony’s sale page does is have the reader believing that this is a quick fix to making the law of attraction work for them. The only quick thing is the amount of time it takes to complete his program, which I finished in just under an hour.

I can tell you from experience that if you want to see real results in your life , you have to change your thoughts. Dr. Robert Anthony states this, but does not let you know how to do this or that it just does not happen overnight.

So in my opinion, this is a very disappointing program as it is not complete. I feel that what he presents is good but there is too much missing to be effective for the average person. Also for the price of $97.00 , it is what I classify as very poor value.

The secret to deliberate creation would be a good program if it continued to teach you the how to’s so that it could be effective for everyone.

I am sorry to say that this program is just another example of why people think the law of attraction will not work for them.

The law of attraction is very real. Don’t give up just because it hasn’t worked for you yet. Find the right program that teaches you everything you need to know to make it work. Please see my review on my number one recommendation,                my review

I will not recommend anything that I would not use myself.  People need to have truthful information about what they are thinking about purchasing. The program I recommend , I own. I have not found a program that compares to it.

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16 thoughts on “Review Of The Secret Of Deliberate Creation-Does it work?

  1. Gloria

    Hi Alex,

    You are right. The program is not worth purchasing. The book think and grow rich is a fabulous book. All the principals are there , however, it is missing somethings to make it work for the average person. Dr. Robert Anthony advertises that his program has those missing pieces. I want people to be aware that those missing pieces are not his program.

  2. Joshua

    I guess we can’t judge a book by its cover. I do agree with Dr. Anthony that we are often banging our heads against the wall because we lack consciousness. I highly recommend the teachings of Eckhart tolle? His teachings help people to awaken. Have you had a chance to read any of his books?

  3. Joshua

    I guess we can’t judge a book by its cover. I do agree with Dr. Anthony that we are often banging our heads against the wall because we lack consciousness. I highly recommend the teachings of Eckhart tolle? His teachings help people to awaken. Have you had a chance to read any of his books?

    1. Gloria

      Yes, I believe that Dr. Anthony knows what he is doing but is just not a good teacher. I have only recently heard of Eckhart Tolle but have not read any of his books. I am very interested to read his work. Thanks for reminding me about him.

  4. Win Back Your Ex Comments

    Hi there thanks for the information.

    I have always been interested in this area and sometime ago I read :Law of Attraction by Michael Losier”.

    Have you read this one? If so how does it to compare to your review here?

    For me it was a good book and full of information but also came away not feeling fulfilled.



    1. Gloria


      You are welcome. I have not read- Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. I actually have not heard of him before. I will check out his book , I already know what I will find. You see their are many components that go into the law of attraction and being able to use it. When you said that you came away not feeling fulfilled, that is a good indication of the book lacking some area. The only books that I recommend at this point that really work are Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw. I can promise you that you will not come away unfulfilled. Click on the link above to read my review about the book.

  5. Joon

    That seems very over-priced. Based on my experience with some products out there, not only pertaining to the law of attraction, some of the best products are actually free and available. I’m a big fan of the law of attraction and I purchased and read a few products. They were pretty helpful. But then what really helped me out the most was a simple 3 minutes of video clip form youtube who actually uses the law of attraction effectively and brought out some result.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Joon,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, the program is pricey but lots of people would pay that price for a program that actually worked. The problem is this one does not. I am glad to here that you found a video clip from you tube that is helping you.

  6. Jose

    Hey, Im really into the law of attraction, and I’ve bought a few programs and fortunately they have all been pretty good. The Law of Attraction is amazing and I’ve manifested many of my goals and dreams with it, but the thing is that there is also another law that is just as important. Its the Law of Vibration which is the part of being in alignment with the things you want to manifest. Thank you for the amazing review, I wont be buying that any time!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for the comment. I too have experienced the law of attraction and yes if we are not in alignment then we will not manifest what we want. They go together.

  7. Joana

    Hi Gloria,
    Very interesting review. I have not seen this program before, but i can relate into what you saying. I purchased different programs where they say ‘you will unlock the secret behind the secret’ and etc. And when you get it it is pretty disappointing that there is no unlocking clue there. I do not like when a marketing page says one thing but you actually get another thing. It is a bad marketing. I think by this stage everyone knows how law of attraction works, but i do agree the alignment or how to switch of the resistence is not explained in many programs.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Joana,

      Thanks for your comment. I did this review so that people can better understand that just because someone promises them all the answers to the law of attraction, does not mean that the answers are there. I only know of a few programs that are what they say they are.

  8. Hillary

    Thank you for this review-I am huge believer in the law of attraction but would much prefer to use the system you recommend (Creating a Bug Free Mind) so i am definitely going to check that out. It’s so important for bloggers like you to post HONEST reviews like this one–some bloggers just say every program is great because they want their commission. But you definitely earned my trust by giving honest reviews like this one.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Hillary,

      I would not want to waste my money on something that does not work. There are way too many scams out there and am here to help point people in the right direction. The law of attraction is very real and does work amazingly, but you must learn how it works first.

  9. Tammy

    wow, I’m glad I happened upon your review before blowing almost 100$ on this program!Thanks for posting an unbiased review.
    I agree with Gloria who spoke about Eckhart Tolle. I love his books! I want to check out the Bug Free Mind that you mentioned. I have never heard of that one before.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Tammy.

      I’m glad you saved your money. I love Andy Shaw’s books. They are a real eye opener. I have learned so much from them that I want the whole world to know that they can have the life they desire. All they need is to know how to do it. These books teach that!

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