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By | February 5, 2016

What Is Mind Power?

Let’s have a look at what mind power is. Everything in our worlds is made up of energy that is vibrating. Our thoughts are also vibrations of energy.mind power

What does Quantum Physics say

Quantum physics has now proven this to be true. What this means to us is that our thoughts are very powerful. And that our thoughts are what create our lives, along with what we visualize. Now think about how powerful that is.

The funny thing is we go through our daily lives in sort of like a routine way. We do the same things on autopilot, because we don’t give them a second thought.

Whatever we think is vibrating out to the universe. The problem began in our childhood when no one taught us how to think. We were taught what to think. And depending on who was teaching us, we picked up on their limiting beliefs to be the truth and they became our limiting beliefs.

Think about it for a minute

If, when we were little, we were taught about our thoughts being vibrating energy and then taught how to think . Do you think your life would be different? You would have no limiting beliefs. Negative thoughts of any kind would not be there , because you would of learned that negative thoughts create negative things.

But of course that did not happen. However, we can start from where we are right now and learn how to think. Now that we know how powerful our thoughts are why wouldn’t we use our mind power to our advantage?

We have lots of useless and even harmful information in our minds and we don’t control our thoughts for the most part. We just let them run on autopilot most of the time.

Have you ever thought about why you are in a bad mood? And sometimes when you are in a bad mood things don’t go your way? If you pay attention to the thoughts in your mind you will see that you are thinking about negative things. But if you start thinking about good things then you can change your mood and things start to go your way.

If we want a new life, we have to become aware of our thoughts. Everything that happens on the outside has already happened on the inside. This is every ones mind power at work.

In order to see change in your life, it has to happen on the inside first.

People try to change their life by making changes on the outside. Those changes don’t last because the same stuff is happening on the inside.

In order to see lasting change in your life, you must change your thoughts and beliefs.

Once you realize this to be the truth, you will be able to see how you can have a successful life.

You will know that training your conscious mind to think positive thoughts and getting rid of negative thoughts such as worry, fear, doubt and anger is the way to your new life.

Get a clear picture of the life you want and build your thoughts around that. Visualize the life you want as you think about it.

When your thinking is clear and controlling your thoughts has become a daily habit, you will see your life change, as you will be manifesting what you truly want in your life.

If you are interested in learning more on this go here  and here for some awesome free materials that should give you a great start.

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21 thoughts on “Mind Power

  1. Riaz Shah

    Great article Gloria,
    I agree with you that the mind is a powerful thing. I love testing my capabilities to the limit and having my my will as my only motivation.

    However when it comes to emotions, I can’t help but to feel distracted and I can’t really focus on my work. I know emotions are good but how do I focus when emotions are in my way?

  2. Gloria Post author

    If you learn to start controlling your mind and then learn to quiet your mind , you will be able to concentrate on whatever you need to . See my pages on how to stop the negative thoughts and how to quiet the mind.

  3. Ethan Woods

    Hi Gloria

    This is fantastic reading. I would love to get better control of my mind and further more my professional life.

    Just like Riaz I struggle with constant thoughts. They have me running around like a headless chook at times! I realise I need to get my head around visualising as this is as you say a powerful technique to manifest the life of my dreams. Thanks for sharing


    1. Gloria

      Hi Ethan,

      I can not tell you how having a clear mind has helped me. It is amazing. I could not have done it without Andy Shaw and Jafree Ozwald. Both are great teachers. I will be forever greatful to them both.

  4. Gloria

    Hi AJ,

    Yes, we all have a powerful mind and most of us just need to learn how to use it to achieve our desires. Everyone has the same ability to do this. You are so right, if we train our minds then our minds can do amazing things for us.

  5. Stu

    This is so true. Sometimes I can feel the negative thoughts in my my mind snowballing seemingly out of control. It’s only when I get back on track and start remembering what I’m working so hard for that my mood changes.

    It’s so easy to get thrown off.. Bad moods can come for a variety of reasons. Lack of hydration, lack of vitamins, fatigue, loneliness, etc.

    I’ve found that having a routine does help .. but staying focused on your goals and implementing a schedule to get there gives you that tangible blueprint. In the past I would get down on myself for not achieving something.. when in reality it was because I didn’t have any sort of plan.

    So to anyone struggling, have a plan and a blueprint to reach your dreams! Organization is key.

    Great article. Looking forward to more.


    1. Gloria

      Hi Stu,

      I agree, you need a plan and to stay focused and organized. For a lot of people it’s not always that easy. When we have a clear mind and have removed our limiting beliefs , that is when our true potential can shine through.

  6. Ian

    Nice post. I find that sometimes when I am thinking about how good or bad I’m feeling, especially if I’m feeling happy at the moment, the less happy I start feeling.

    How different the world would be if we were taught that everything is energy. I think we would have a healthier and more authentic view of the world.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Ian,

      When this happens to you, it is just the clutter in your mind not allowing your energy to flow freely. If you can start removing the stuff that is in there you will notice a big difference. Glad to hear that you are noticing how your thinking about it causes a shift.

  7. Sam

    Such a great post! I know these things, yet I still forget. It’s so easy to lure yourself down a bad trip! Why? It’s really weird, but it happens. Our thoughts will take us where they are going, so we should seek thoughts about places we like. I recommend this site for explaining this, and helping people get a good headset! I will visit here often. Please send me emails!

    1. Gloria

      Thanks Sam for you comment. I totally hear what you are saying. The problem is that most people are not aware of there own thoughts when they are happening. It is great that you know these things. But unless you are applying them, do you really know them? Something to think about.

  8. Angela

    Your mind power site has some very interesting and informative details that everyone needs to read. Unfortunately in our society today people just do not conform to change or any type of personal achievements. Could it be that people do not want to change or is there a fear? If only people would learn to make changes…..

    1. Gloria

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for your comment. I so agree with your comment on people not changing. We were all raised with our generation’s beliefs. For a lot of people change is scary as it means we have to look at our selves and most people are afraid to do that. I wish more people would see the benefits.

  9. Joe

    Great post on mind power! I love that you talked about having a bad day and how it equates to having negative thoughts run through your mind. I truly believe in the power of your mind and how it affects you not only mentally and emotionally but physically as well. Very well written. Keep up the great content! Cheers

    1. Gloria

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Our mind is a very powerful thing.It’s amazing how much more powerful our subconscious mind is compared to our conscious mind, yet most people don’t even take the time to learn what their subconscious mind can do for them.

  10. Jyl

    The human mind is the most powerful tool you’ll ever come across. No doubt. We just don’t know HOW to utilise it. And no one is teaching us…
    When I was 12 or 13 for some bizarre reason (it must have made sense at the time) I borrowed a book out of my school library called ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ and I read it cover to cover – several times. I even had to re-borrow it to do that! But it taught me so much. I’m now 46 and my partner is always commenting on how ‘clued-up’ I am. I’m not clued-up, but I do know HOW to look at different situations and I can think them through logically and act accordingly. I’m not any kind of child genuis, I’m just your average girl. But something way back then clicked with me. And it’s about the positivity, or at the very least taking the positivity out of any situation. I can’t remember the author, but there are a couple of books with the same title that I’ve found. I’d like that same book again. Just to have a look and also to thank it. Because it’s helped me through so many tough times in my life.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jyl,

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment. I am sure the book taught you how to think. We are all taught growing up what to think , but never how to think. This is the missing part we all can use. If we had learned how to think when we were growing up we would be controlling our minds rather than our minds controlling us.

  11. Jolita

    That’s really true that no one taught us in our childhoods wbout that thoughts create. I remember first time hearing it only when I was in high school. I was about 17-18 years old at the time. From then on I’m very interested about that and I can prove that thoughts create reality, from my own experience.

    The only thing I find that it’s very difficult to control your thoughts and sometimes you just forget and don’t have any power for that. Especially when you are in very frustrated and sad mood.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jolita,

      I totally understand what you are saying about controlling your thoughts. If you learn to go inside your mind often enough, then you will automatically start controlling your own thoughts. It is like anything else, the more you practice the better you get.

  12. Peteni Kuzwayo

    Hi Gloria

    This is a lovely article.

    Our belief systems are so limiting. I think one of the biggest challenges we face is the media that feeds us so much garbage.

    From the news, to reality tv and material like soapies – our brains are constantly fed with nonsense. And for the most part, we don’t even realize it.

    But, this is a refreshing article.


    1. Gloria

      Hi Peteni,

      You are so right about us not realizing what we are taking in. Andy Shaw, the author of Creating A Bug Free Mind talks about this in his book. He calls it being asleep and when we get control of our minds we wake up and we only let in what we want to. He is so correct.

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