Living In The Present Moment

By | March 16, 2016

Are you Living In The Present Moment?

Most of us don’t. In fact, lots of us have no clue what living in the present moment means.

I have a cat , her name is Ginger. She is a good example of living in the present. She sits in the window sill and watches the birds outside. Thisliving in the present moment is the only thing she is thinking about. When she is eating, again eating is the only thing on her mind. A cat never does anything that takes them out of the now.

Small children are all living in the present moment.

They know no other way. Just watch them play. You will see what I mean.

When we look out the window , we maybe in a deep thought about something in the past or something we are worried about. But chances are that we are not watching  out the window to see what is happening at that very moment.

During the day, you maybe thinking about lots of different things. Things you want to do, things you have done, Then someone speaks to you. Now you are in the present moment. But how long do you stay that way before your mind has you off to somewhere else again?

Have you ever been so involved in something that you are only thinking about what is happening at that very moment?

When I horseback ride, the whole world disappears. I am totally involve with the connection to my horse.  I am living in the present moment.

As I am writing this page, I am living in the present moment. I am not thinking about anything else. I am aware of everything that is going on around me, but my thoughts are on this page.

The present is when we are aware of it all as it is happening. It is when we are aware of what is going on at that very moment. Nothing else is in our minds but what is going on a that very moment.

Have you every been to a house that is burning. You take in everything that is going on. You may see the family who the house belongs to, the firemen trying to put out the fire and the fire itself. When you are taking this all in, you are very present. That is living in the moment.

When we are present, we are strongly connected to our higher source. The peace, the quietness of our minds, the clear thinking these are all part of being present.

People who are not present are basically running on auto-pilot.

They go with whatever the crowd is doing. Those are the people who are always judging others, gossiping about all sorts of things, complaining and basically are never truly happy.

They want to fit in, be accepted and they do so, but at the risk of never knowing who they really are. They don’t live in the present. They are too busy with everything else that is going on. They are missing great opportunities that come to a person who is present.

If you are present, then there will be no place for negative stuff. In order to be all we want to be, we need to become more and more present.

Imagine if the whole world decided to work on living in the present! The world’s problems would just disappear on their own. Of course that is just a thought. However, if we want to really know who we are and make a difference in our own lives and those we know , then working on living in the present moment  is where it at.

2 thoughts on “Living In The Present Moment

  1. Barry

    Living in the present moment is something I have been trying to do very recently. I have been trying to clear my mind and connect myself mindfully to my life and the small, take it for granted things I do each day without thinking about them. I have been using mindful meditation to try connect but by reading tho egg this website it really shows why we just run through life never really being interested in the present time and the things we do right now! Thanks for enlightening me, really helpful information.


    1. Gloria

      Hi Barry,

      Yes, our egos can sure get in our way if we let them. The trick is to learn to control our thoughts so they don’t control us. You may like to read some of my other articles to learn more.

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