Is The Law Of Attraction For Real?

By | February 13, 2016

I decided to write this to help answer the question, Is the law of attraction for real?freedom

I know there is so much information on it , that is is hard to know what is the truth. I will tell you a true story and you can decide what to believe.

Four years ago my ex- husband became sick. He was in pain and lost his ability to walk. He was also having seizures. Finally six months into trying to find out what was wrong with him they found lymphoma cancer on his brain, liver and stomach. He started with chemotherapy and although he was bed ridden we thought he was doing good.

Then out of no where the doctors announce that he is too weak for  any more chemo and told him that he had three month to live. We have two grown children together and they were devastated with the news.

I looked at them both and said don’t worry, we will cure him. He will not die.

Now I knew nothing about cancer. I started researching online. At first I could not find much good information that could help me.  But I wasn’t giving up. I took a break and returned to the computer bound and determined to find the answers.

Then all of a sudden I knew what to type in the search bar and when I did I began to find all sorts of things. I still had to sort through them, but that seemed so easy. I some how just knew what was good and what was not. All through doing this I was making notes. I did not stop until I somehow knew I had found everything I needed.

Then I had to go through all my notes and figure out what I was going to use to cure him. Again , this was easy.  After eleven hours I had a cure that I knew would work. Now those eleven hours, some how did not seem very long.

The strange thing is that all through this I never once thought about not being able to do this. In my mind , the doctors were wrong. They had said that lymphoma was incurable.

My ex-husband also had staph infections in both of the bottom of his feet that had gone to the bone and the hospital wanted to amputate his legs as they could not cure it and it was getting worse. I did not even know what a staph infection was, but along with curing his lymphoma cancer, I cured his staph infection too.

It was not until after he was completely cured that I began to ask myself , how was I able to do that?

The more people learned about what I had done, the more I would be asked how I knew how to cure cancer. The truth is it was an amazing experience where everything just seemed to fall into place.

That was when I started learning about the law of attraction. And I came to realize that I had used the law of attraction by accident. What I mean is I did not use it on purpose. But, I some how made it work for me without even realizing it.

The biggest problem with believing that the law of attraction is real is the fact that there are so many people just developing these programs that don’t work for the average person.

You may of tried some yourself  or read some of the numerous books available. I know I have read at least a dozen or more and tried a few programs. But, I did not give up because I already knew that it was real. For me it was finding how to use  the law of attraction that I was after.

you will always here about some people that they do work for but those are the people that would of been successful anyways and the program just gave them a big boost.

You see the program spoke the same language that there mind understood because their mind was in the right place.  They still had their natural success mindset. The average person needs to get theirs back. That’s right we were all born with a natural success mindset. It’s just for most of us, it’s buried too deep to be available without removing the garbage in our minds.

Anyone can use the law of attraction on purpose and get what they want but it can only be done with proper training for the average person.stock-photo-58390282-action-changes-things

There is only one program that I know of that will work for anyone. The reason it will work for anyone is because the person who developed it, studied why all these other programs did not work for the average person . He found his answers and then he developed a program that works for the average person like you and I.

His name is Andy Shaw and his program consists of two books. His first book, Creating A Bug Free Mind removes all the garbage in our minds that is stopping us from creating the life we want. His second book , Using A Bug Free Mind programs your mind for success.

These are not just books you read and then success just magically happens for you. No, they are what I call learning manuals. Andy Shaw teaches you step by step how to get from where you are right now to where you want to go. He leaves nothing to chance.

So there you have it. It is , of course totally up to you to decide what you believe about the law of attraction.

You can learn to use it on purpose and create the life you want or you can use it on accident and see what happens. Either way, we use it everyday . So I chose to learn to use it on purpose.

To learn what scientists have to say about this see this video

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20 thoughts on “Is The Law Of Attraction For Real?

  1. brandon

    Hey Gloria,
    Thanks for the story. Glad your husband is feeling better. My grandfather died of Lou Gehrigs disease 11 years a go and he managed to live a full year longer than what the doctor told him. Although it was sad to see him eventually go and he was bed ridden the last few years of his life. Couldn’t even go the bathroom without help. Being positive is great, but I’m curious what you did to “cure” your husband when the doctors couldn’t even do it? What were the steps? Obviously being positive didn’t cure the cancer. So how did you do it?

    1. Gloria

      Hi Branden,

      I used a special diet that I put together. If it didn’t help with the cancer then it was not eaten. I used whole food supplements. Lots of foods that work together to help to kill or revert cancer cells to normal cancer cells. It is hard to explain unless you have a knowledge of how cancer starts, what it does to cells , how it reacts to certain foods and so on.

  2. Riaz Shah

    Hey Gloria,
    I’m not a believer of many things because I grew up a pessimist and not agreeing easily with things. But after I was diagnosed with dengue last year and was about to die, my mother showed me the law of attraction to implement.

    I was bed-ridden so I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a try anyway. I survived and the doctor decided not to put me in ICU. Now I’m walking free a believer. The law of attraction works and everyone really needs to have a go at it and not just for petty things, but for everything in life.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Riaz,

      Your story is so inspiring. It is truly amazing what can happen when we just start to know. It is basically us just getting out of our own way and letting it happen for us.

  3. Jared

    I really think that there is something to the power of positive thinking and that the law of attraction is heavily dependent upon the type of energy we create. That being said, your story illustrates how this is true because you decided that you would heal your husband. You didn’t hope for it. Instead, you simply and boldly chose to do what most people would never do.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jared,

      Yes, it was the knowing that I would find a cure that let me find one and then the knowing that he was going to live. We all have this inside us. We can create whatever we can conceive and know.

  4. Elizabeth

    Hi Gloria. Powerful story. The mind is amazing, and continually surprises scientists and researchers at all that it can do. I have no doubt that your strong beliefs cured your ex-husband of cancer. Is your ex-husband a believer now, too? One thing is for sure, if a person doesn’t believe in the law of attraction, it will not work for that person.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, my ex-husband is a true believer. The law of attraction is always working. It does not matter what a person believes, it is still there. We are always thinking something inside. So we do create all the time. We just don’t create what we desire. It is when we learn to control our thoughts and direct them towards what we desire that we see great things happen.

  5. Ben

    What an incredible journey you have been through. The Bug Free Mind must have really struck a chord with you! I am checking it out now and it does look very interesting in deed,. I am so glad that you have tapped into the law of attraction to heal your husband and ensure your families future. Truly amazing stuff!!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Ben,

      You are correct , it is exactly what I have been through in my life that lead me to where I am right now. The law of attraction is an amazing law and when we learn how to use it on purpose, that is when we start to create our lives on purpose.

  6. Jessie

    Amazing story. I have always believed in the power of the mind/power of positive thinking, and I believe this falls into that category as well. When you put your mind to it, whether subconsciously or not, amazing things can happen. I’m glad your husband is better, and thank you for this article!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jessie,

      I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Anyone can do things they never thought possible once their mind is in the right place. It is a matter of knowing what you want and then not letting anything stop you!

  7. Mr Pianoforte

    I like how this article gives us hope in hopeless situations. The law of attraction was something I was somewhat familiar with previously. It was something that I would hear ‘in passing’ but never really knew much about. After having had read this article, I can definitely apply to certain situations in my life to help me overcome despair. Thanks heaps, greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. Gloria

      Hello Mr. Pianoforte,

      I am so glad that you found my article. The law of attraction is very real and is working all the time in both positive and negative situations. If you really want to learn about how to use the law of attraction then please read more of my pages as your mind needs to be in the right state to create what you want. Also see my life changing products page for products that will also help you.

  8. Jovo

    Hi Gloria, you have a born skeptic here, so I must start by saying that it is very hard for me to accept some of the things you mentioned here. But, there is a but. My wife had cancer 11 years ago, and she is alive and healthy. How? She cured herself, started a rigorous microbiotic program of preparing and eating food. So frankly I do not believe a word of this low of attraction, but I do not question your way of dealing with the illness because I do not know the details. However I do believe in the power of natural food, I have seen it in action. All the best.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jovo,

      It is okay if you do not believe in the law of attraction. No one says you have to. I am glad to here that your wife cure herself of cancer. Just curious, did you believe that natural food could cure cancer before your wife used it?

  9. Netta

    Hey Gloria:

    Thanks for sharing that story. My takeaway from it is that having the intention and working your way to where you want to be is the whole of the thing.

    You are right. Mindsets are very important. If you feel defeated before you even get out of the gate, then you’ve already lost the battle.

    Getting back the feeling that you are punahele (a favored child) of the Universe is the biggest mind-change you can make.

    I’m glad you found a way to make it work for you….

    1. Gloria

      Hi Netta,

      Thanks so much for your comment. You are so right about the way we feel about ourselves. It is when we KNOW we can have something that is will come to us.

  10. Kristin


    Thank you for sharing your story and I’m so happy to hear of the outcome. I truly and completely believe in the law of attraction and I study it myself. Although, I don’t have as moving of a story as yours, I do have instances in my life that I know have occurred because of my belief in the idea of powerful thoughts and karma. I totally believe that what you put out into the universe, you will receive back and how powerful our thoughts can affect those outcomes.

    I am most definitely going to read both of those books by Shaw. Thanks for the recommendations and for the fantastic article.


    1. Gloria

      Hi Kristin,

      I wish more people would understand what you do. The law of attraction works for all of us and it is working all the time no matter if someone believes in it or not. Our thoughts do create our worlds so why no be in control of your thoughts so you can create what you want.

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