How Your Mood Affects Others

By | March 17, 2016

How Your Mood Affects Others

Have you ever thought about how your mood affects others? Or how someone’s mood affects us?

Most of us have experienced someone being in a bad mood and if we stay around this person, we too can start to be in a not so good mood.

Of course the same goes for someone who is in a good mood. Those are the people we like to be around , as they can put you in a great mood too. How your mood affects others

Have you ever thought about why this is? how is it that your mood affects others and others moods can affect ours? Did you know that all thoughts have a vibrational  frequency and when you are on the same frequency as someone else you will tend to get along great.

Have you ever met someone who you just clicked with immediately?

It almost seemed like you had known this person for a while as they were just so easy to talk to. This is because both of your thoughts were on the same vibrational frequency. You just automatically get each other.

How your mood affects others and how their mood affects you really depends on your own inner thoughts

So when someone is in a bad mood and we are not. We can just sort of let them bounce off of us and our mood will not be affected. If we start letting what they are saying affect us, such as becoming irritated or if we disagree with them we will start to lower our own vibration.

We do not even have to say a word to them. If we identify with their feelings at all then we have let our own vibration lower and so their mood has affected us.

Want to know a way that you will never be affected by someone’s bad mood again?

I have had the chance to use this a lot and I will warn you that when I first got the hang of it, it was hard not to laugh at the person who was mad.

Let me explain. What you will be doing is observing the person, with no feelings involved. It is sort of like you are there, but you are also the audience just observing. So when someone is in a bad mood and just carrying on about all these things, it’s like watching a movie and it can be funny.

When you first try this I would  recommend you don’t do it with someone like your boss. Practice on someone who will not be able to fire you!  This is a great way to kinda shield yourself from negative emotions.

However, when you do this, their bad mood can not touch you as you are just observing and not letting any emotions come into play.

How about being affected by someone who is in a good mood.

When someone is in a good mood, their vibration is high. You can bring your own vibration up just by listening to them and feeling how happy they are and before you know it your vibration will start to match theirs.

So how your mood affects others depends on how well they can keep negative emotions out and let positive one in.

Now you know how to avoid becoming a victim of someone’s bad mood and how to jump on board with someone who is in a good mood.

However, you also know how your mood affects others, and the benefit here is you will be more aware of how you are feeling.

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2 thoughts on “How Your Mood Affects Others

  1. Renee Townsend

    I can see how moods affect others and even relationships. Unfortunately, bad moods can have long-lasting effects, especially when one acts out on those moods in a negative manner. Acting out in a negative behavior can make those around you more wary. Instead of interacting with you in a carefree way, they may become distant and less trusting.

    I think it’s more than just frequency though. It’s about the over all experience one has with people based upon general moods. A random smile goes a long way. On the other hand, a frown can turn people off. Likewise for the way we speak to others based on our mood, as our mood can be reflected in our voice.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Renee,

      I hear what you are saying. However, I have been around a lot of people who are in bad moods a lot of the time and it is a good idea to shield yourself so to speak so that they don’t pull you down. I agree with a random smile going a long ways. But on the other hand some people don’t want to be in a good mood and someone who is happy makes then more grumpy. I used to have a boss like that. If he was in a bad mood then no one else should be in a good mood was the way he thought.

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