How To Quiet The Mind

Lets learn how to quiet the mind

How to quiet the mind is something that you will automatically be able to do once you have practiced re-living good memories in your mind.

We start with 15 to 20 seconds. If you don’t know what that is see how-to-stop-the-negative-thoughts  Then over a period of time we move up to being able to re-live lots of different good memories in our mind one after another until we can do this for at least 15 minutes.

Now this maybe a little tricky to begin with especially if you have lots of stuff in your mind. So just gradually increase the time until you are at 15 minutes. One thing that works great is to write down 15 good memories and then re-live them one by one. It also helps if you can find a place that is quiet and you won’t be disturbed.

Pay attention to everything

Notice all the details of your memory, including how you felt, what you or anyone in your memory was wearing. The noises that were present and so on. You will notice that by doing this it becomes a lot easier and you are able to hold the memories longer. You only need to do 15 minutes once a day.

Let’s learn how to quiet the mind

Now when you have been doing this for a little while you will start to notice that sometimes there is a brief silence in your mind. This is what we are after. When you are ready , go inside your mind and see if you can just have silence. Don’t force it, just let it happen. If you can’t do it yet , that is okay. Just keep practicing and when you are ready it will happen. That  is how to quiet the mind. You will have no voices at all, just silence.

Just keep practicing 15 to 20 seconds as often as you can think to do it and do 15 minutes once a day. When you can do this easily, you will know how to quiet the mind.

The purpose of learning how to quiet the mind

The purpose is so you will be able to have control over your mind and be to able direct your thoughts to what you want to accomplish. When there are all kinds of thoughts going on in there it is hard to be able to direct our own thinking as these thoughts will keep popping in and lead us to thinking about something else.

Also, when you get off track and have let negative stuff bother you, you can simply quiet your mind on demand. This will basically reset it back to where it should be.

Unless we can make our goal our main focus we will not get far in accomplishing them. The thoughts that are already going on in our minds daily will leave no room for the thoughts we want to be there.

So when we try to manifest something, those thoughts keep coming back and we can not keep our thoughts where we want them to be. Unless we have control of our thoughts, then they will take over and we will keep getting the same results. In other words you will not be making progress towards where you want to go. Or you will make some progress , but then you will go backwards.

Our thoughts create our life and by getting control of our thoughts we have taken the first step towards creating the life we want. It is a matter of learning how to re-program our minds so that we can have whatever they want in our life.

Another thing that greatly helps with quieting your mind is to listen to a guided meditation that is specifically for that purpose. This is the one I use because it leaves me with such an amazing feeling.  Guided Meditation


Next we will talk about our subconscious mind. The more you learn and apply, the closer you will be to having what you want.

see  your subconscious mind

14 thoughts on “How To Quiet The Mind

  1. Ben


    Great post, I like the idea of taking some time out to quiet the mind as it can get quite chaotic during the day.

    I have recently been looking into meditation and yoga, I find that practicing these has really helped to relieve my stress and bring me back to planet earth especially after a tough day.

  2. troy

    This information on Quieting The Mind reminds me of the movie “The Last Samurai”. Where Nathan Algren is learning how to fight wield the sword correctly.
    He was informed that he had to many things running through his mind such as “Mind The Sword”, “Mind The People” and “Mind The Enemy”.
    He had to understand the process of Quieting his Mind inorder for him to see things visually speaking prior to their manifestation so that he could react accordingly.
    I like your technique here because there are times when I myself have too many thoughts running through my mind causing a lack in focus.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Troy,

      Lots of people have too many things running through their minds all the time. If we learn to take control of our thoughts, we can determine what we want to be there. Once we know how to quiet our mind, it becomes as simple as just making it quiet on demand.

  3. Margaret

    I enjoyed reading your post on quieting your mind. I have had so many people tell me they can’t sleep because they can’t stop thinking about the next days activities of what happened yesterday. At stressful times it would be wonderful to just be able to switch your mind off and go blank. Is this really possible? I have tried meditation but find my worries intruding. Am I searching for ‘brief silence in your mind’? Can this silence be extended over time? If it could it would go a long way to lowering a persons blood pressure don’t your think?

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Margaret,

      Yes, you can quiet your mind. There will only be silence. Go to my article how to stop the negative thoughts where you can learn the 15 second technique. From there do it for longer periods of time until you can do it for 15 minutes. You will notice lots of things that you never did before. And to answer your question about blood pressure, yes doing this daily would definitely have a positive affect. I highly recommend Creating A Bug Free Mind to learn how to completely change your life for the better. It’s a great book!

  4. Jackie

    I really like your article. Learning how to quiet my mind has been an ongoing practice for years. I find that during certain times of day it’s more difficult than others, so i try to make time to just sit and quiet my mind every morning, before i head into the day. I really like your suggestions and will explore them. Fun to find your site! It’s really great!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad to hear you take time in the AM to quiet your mind. I do this through out the course of the day. It takes 15 seconds at a time and it sort of resets my mind. It is a great way to stay present.

  5. John Adams

    Love this site!!! Calming aesthetics, covers all the bases (Law of Attraction, spirituality, HABITS, etc.). I will be back to this site many more times! I am really starting to embrace personal development and this site is a great resource. I have bookmarked the site already! Great site!

    BTW, this is my first comment on WA!!!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi John,

      I am please that you like my site. I recommend you read Creating A Bug Free Mind. That book will take you from where you are now to where you want to go. It is one of the best book I have ever read. Your mind will become crystal clear on everything.

  6. Jonah

    Cool stuff, I really enjoy reading articles and other people’s opinions about this topic. I believe meditation and getting in touch with yourself beyond your mind is and essential step towards happiness.

    I would love to hear a little more on your experience with what it feels like to quiet the mind. Like what does it feel like to not have thoughts (or at least lessened thoughts)?

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Jonah,

      I am in control of my thoughts. I know what is being said in my mind. My mind is quiet most of the time. I am aware of things that are going on in my life that affects me, but the awareness is different in the since that I look for the reasoning for it happening. I can see things come into play that help me move towards or away from my goals. And it lets me examine if it is a good or not so good thing for me so that I am able to make a better choice for myself. I listen to what is being said to me with more awareness. There is a whole lot more that comes into play too.

      If you have more questions, feel free to email me at

  7. Jodie

    Thank you for your post. I have had many starts and stops in trying meditation with little luck as I find quieting my mind quite challenging. A lot of meditation education just tells you to quiet your mind, without telling you how. Thank you for sharing I will try your technique today. It seems like it may help!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Learning how to quiet your mind can be a challenge to begin with, but if you stick to it, you will keep getting better at it. Once you are able to do this on demand then you will be able to control your thoughts during the day more and more. You will be aware of what your thoughts are and be able to change them to something better.

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