How To Deal With Anxiety – Stop It For Good

By | June 18, 2016

Learn How To Deal With Anxiety And Stop It For Good

It’s normal to feel anxious at times. Especially over things like taking a test orhow to deal with anxiety your first airplane ride. But when it happens too often then we need to learn to deal with our anxiety. It only becomes a problem when it happens too frequently.

Anxiety is fear based, so you have to figure out what you are afraid of. If you’ve had anxiety for a long time, try to think back to when you first started having it and see if you can remember anything that might of happened to trigger something you were afraid of.

Ask yourself questions such as what am I afraid of right now? Then wait and see if you get an answer. Think of anything you may be nervous about. It could be crowds, loud noises, afraid of making a mistake or anything you can think of.

Then using the things you came up with, ask yourself am I afraid of… If your answer is yes then you will feel some kind of bodily sensation. You may feel fear in your stomach area or anxiety in your chest area.

It is when you feel something that you will know that you have found something that needs to be dealt to deal with anxiety

Our subconscious minds store everything. Somewhere in your subconscious mind is a fear or fears that surface during certain situations. If that fear is allowed to keep surfacing , it may become bigger and even bigger until you are having anxiety attacks for what appears to be no reason at all.

What is actually happening is the fear that started your anxiety to begin with came from your mind. Actually it is the thoughts that you are having in your mind.

Most people don’t realize just what is being said inside their minds all day long.

If you don’t feel good about yourself then I can guarantee you have all kinds of negative messages being said to yourself on a daily basis.

And guess what? It didn’t just start, it’s been going on for most of your life.

Do you think you would feel good about yourself if all day long someone sat next to you and told you negative things about yourself? After a short period of time you would tell this person to take a hike.

That is exactly what we do to ourselves, only we can’t just send our subconscious mind away. And most of the time we don’t even realize what is being said in our minds.

Your thoughts are what you believe about yourself.

The best way to deal with anything is to get control of your mind so you can change those thoughts, as anxiety can lead to a person not being able to work or even leave their to deal with anxiety

Some people go to their doctor and try to learn how to deal with anxiety. They usually are put on some kind of medication to help them cope. In some cases this seems to be the only way to get back on track.

It may help some, but who wants to take medication for the rest of their lives?

If you suffer from anxiety it can be scary. When your anxiety has gotten out of control and you never know when your body is just going to freeze and your mind is racing a mile a minute.

I have a friend who started having anxiety attacks for no reason that she could figure out. She told me about how she was eating lunch in a restaurant with some friends, when out of the blue she felt panicked she said she could not even finish her lunch and she just had to get out of there.

That was the start of many panic attacks for her. She even had one while she was driving and had to pull over.

She was put on meds by her doctor and she said it helped but the side affects were too much.

I told her about a book – Creating A Bug Free Mind that I thought would help her over come her anxiety. She was not a believer but said she would read it.

I spoke with her a little over a month later and she could not thank me enough. She said the book was amazing. It taught her how to first hear the thoughts in her head and then learn to control them.

She said that she learned that the thoughts in her head were creating her panic attacks. She couldn’t believe the negative stuff she was telling herself. She now can stop the thoughts and has begun to turn them into something positive.

She is a great example of what happens when we learn to control our thoughts.

No one should have to feel anxious on a regular basis or not know when panic is coming on.

If you don’t have control of your mind and can’t quiet your mind on demand, you are missing out on a lot.

Creating A Bug Free Mind is not just for people with anxiety, it’s for anyone who wants a better life.

But, I’m sure you know that if you read something and don’t apply what you have learned, no change can happen.

Anxiety is not something that you just have to live with. We all have choices and we can choose to make your minds stronger.

It’s like a muscle that needs to be used to function properly. If we didn’t walk for a long time the muscles that let us walk would become weak and we eventually would not be able to walk.

The same thing with our minds. If we don’t control thoughts, than they just take over and control us.

If you start to pay attention to what thoughts are going on in your mind you probably would be surprised at what is being said. If you learn to hear them, then you can control them and quiet your mind on demand.

You can change those thoughts to what you want them to be and when you do, you will change your life. This is how to deal with anxiety.

Andy Shaw’s book Creating A Bug Free Mind is the perfect way to do it.

Don’t settle for a life that is anything less than what you want. Learn to change it. Learn to be happy everyday!