How To Change Your Life – Feel Awesome Everyday

By | June 5, 2016

Are You Ready to learn how to change your life?

We all talk about improving our lives. We read inspirational quotes and totally agree with them. But are you ready for a new life? Are you really ready to learn how to change your life?how to change your life

Change can be scary. It means looking at things we may not want to look at. When we want to change we must be really committed or our chance of getting somewhere is greatly reduced.

There are many books and articles that make us feel good. However, no book or program will help us turn our life around unless we apply what we are learning. We have to be truly dedicated to make changes in our lives or we will find ourselves just doing circles.

It’s easy to get motivated and think we can just change, but what usually happens is we start off great, but within a short period of time we fall back into our old patterns.

Take for instance dieting, we get all excited about losing weight and we start off great but unless we want to lose weight more than we want that extra food,  the extra food will eventually win.

But why is that so? Why can’t we just stick to things?

Because we are all creatures of habit and until we change our habits around something, it will be hard to accomplish what we want.

Our biggest problem with change is our ego gets in our way, as does our subconscious mind.

We need to have control of our minds so that we can control our habits, which in turn means controlling our thoughts.

If we become in control of our thoughts than we can stop all the thoughts that are making us stay with our habits.

You see, we all have lots of thoughts all through the day. Those thoughts are what make us who we are. But, a lot of those thoughts are things we should not be telling ourselves.

All through our lives, we have learned things from our own experiences or other peoples. Our subconscious mind remembers everything that has ever happened in our lives.

But it remembers through our feelings that we felt towards the experience. So when you were little if you had a bad experience or you misinterpreted something, your subconscious mind remembers how you felt about it.

It does not know that you may not feel the same way about that situation, it has no way of knowing so it still reminds us through thoughts. If we are not aware of those thoughts than we have no way of stopping them from happening.

We may have felt bad about ourselves at certain times when we were growing up. A lot of grown-ups still live with the feeling of not being good enough, even though they may not even be aware of it.

So these thoughts are in our minds daily and they interfere with what we want to do. Another way of looking at it is you can only go as far with anything according to how you feel about yourself.

If your subconscious mind believes that you feel you are not good enough then you will not accomplish what you set out to, as those thoughts of not being good enough will always plant doubts in you.

So being in control of your thoughts is a must. You can’t change something if you don’t know it is there.

So are you ready to discover how to change your life?

Before you answer that, think about how much you want to change.

Are you able to have an open mind and learn or re-learn things that you think you may already know? You see our minds will learn something and think we really know it. But if we are not using what we learned, do we really know it?

Sure, we know it intellectually, but without applying it, what good is knowing it?

Actually, it may be worse to just know it. How? Well, when you decide to really start changing your life if you follow a book or program you will be inclined to skip over parts that you think you already know and miss some very important things. The very fact that you know them intellectually may actually stop you from applying them.

So If you are serious about learning how to change your life. Make sure you start with a clean slate. In other words, remove all the garbage first by getting control of your thoughts.

The law of attraction is what we use all the time, even if we are not aware of it, it is still working. If we don’t have control of our minds and are not able to direct our thoughts, then whatever we are creating for good or bad is done basically without our intentional input.

As you learn more about how your mind works you will see how important your thoughts really are. As everything that happens in your life happens in your mind first.

Thoughts and emotions have different vibrational frequencies and those frequencies change depending on what type thoughts and emotions we are having.

High frequencies are created by positive emotions and bring back positive things. You can’t create lots of positive things in your life, when your thoughts are telling you negative things.

When I first decided that I needed a change in my life, I searched for different ways to get me there. I read lots of different books and purchased a few programs over the course of a year.

I finally found what works and what doesn’t. I highly recommend Andy Shaw’s books. I started with Creating a Bug Free Mind and moved on to Using a Bug Free Mind. Both books are truly nothing short of amazing.

I have done a review on both book here and here’s  where you can read more about them.

If you prefer a different way of learning how to make your life amazing then I recommend The Super Manifesting Package  by Jafree Ozwald. With this program, you will be taught how to raise your vibrations and so you can have the life you want.

Both of these come with a guarantee of satisfaction.  But before you decide on either of them, download free material from each and see which one will work best for you.

I know lots of people think that they can do this alone and maybe some can but most of us can not.

I also know that if you are determined and want to know how to change your life that either of these ways will get you to where you want to go.