How To Be Happy In Life

By | March 18, 2016

How To Be Happy In Life

If you really want to know how to be happy in life then what I am about to say may or may not make any sense to you just yet. So are you ready. Happiness is a choice. Now try not to judge what I just said. Read on with an open mind.How to be happy in life

So how do you choose to be happy? The words I choose to be happy have great power when they are said with meaning. In other words really feel it when you say I choose to be happy.

It all starts with being able to control your thoughts. When we have good thoughts going on in our minds and we have a direction so we know where we are headed, then we are happy.

True happiness is never found on the outside. It has to come from within.

Think about it this way. When we look for happiness on the outside , we try to fill a void with material things or even humans. We may think we need a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife to feel whole.

We may tell ourselves, if I had a car I would be happy. Or a new outfit or whatever we feel we want would make us happy. Sure, those things do make us happy on the outside, but for how long? How long is it before we want more to make us feel good?

We become happy for a while because we are now telling ourselves good things about what we just bought. However. before too long we go back to the same negative thoughts we had and so once again, we feel unhappy.

So you see the problem is not on the outside. The problem is our own thoughts.

So how do we change our thoughts so we can learn to be happy in life? We have to start being able to hear those thoughts. The only way to can do that, is to be more aware. So you need to train yourself to hear your thoughts.

You start by recognizing that they are there. Okay, so are you ready? Close your eyes and think of a really good memory of yours. Now relive that memory, as if it was happening right now.  Go ahead try to do it right now.

Did you hear your thoughts? Did they try to stop you from reliving that good memory? Your mind has thoughts like this all day long.  Now if these thoughts were good thoughts, you would be happy.

One way you can tell what kind of thoughts are going on in your head is by the mood you are in. When you catch yourself in a less than good mood, go inside your head and relive a good memory.

Don’t worry if this is hard to do. For some people it will be. Just keep doing it and it will become easier.

If you do this often enough, you will find that you will start to become aware of your thoughts as they are happening.

Once you are aware of your thoughts, you can start to change them. At first just observe them. Make no judgement , just observe. Listen to what negative stuff is being said.

You will soon see how this negative talk in your head is affecting you.

Now it is time to change those negative thoughts to more positive ones and a lot more positive if you can. If you hear a thought such as, You always do the wrong thing. Say yes, I have made some wrong choices , but now I am making good choices. Then say, from now on I will make good choices.

If you do this often enough, you will start to change your thought patterns to a lot more positive and you will feel better on the outside.

The more you do this the happier you will become. This is how to be happy in life.

The next step would be learning how to quiet your mind. When you are ready to do this , go to my page How to quiet the mind.

There are other ways to change your thought pattern too. Hypnosis or meditation work well also. It just depends on how you want to approach it.

You will know you are headed in the right direction when you start to feel happier.

So now you know how to be happy in life.


6 thoughts on “How To Be Happy In Life

  1. Anna

    Hi Gloria,

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say in this article! Negative self talk, I believe, has been my greatest enemy!! Re-training my thought patterns is something that I have been working on and I see the difference it has made in my life!

    You are so right when you say that happiness comes from within. Material things will come and go, but to be truly happy, we have to feel it inside.

    Wonderful advice for everyone – thank you! 🙂

    1. Gloria

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks for the comment. Keep working on turning them negative thoughts into positive ones. True happiness is definitely found on the inside!

  2. Ian

    Hi Gloria,
    Happiness is definitely a choice but this is one of the hardest things to realize and some people never do, by believing their own negative thoughts.
    I think that most people believe that happiness comes from outside themselves and get quite attached to outside things as a result believing that this is what gives them happiness.
    I think your post does a good job explaining this.
    Changing our self-talk is critical if we want to be happy, this is something that I’ve learned in my life.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the comment. It is true that people look for happiness on the outside. They assume that money can buy happiness. If what a person is looking for is true happiness they must look on the inside, it is there!

  3. Kenny Lee

    Many people do not understand how does happiness comes from within. I’ve just seen a friend on Facebook, saying if our family fell sick, how can we be happy? I think she just didn’t get the concept that it is our choice. Anyway, being unhappy just doesn’t change anything.


    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Kenny,
      You are so right. I wish more people would understand the fact the we create our lives and no one else. Too many people look on the outside for all the answers, when everything you need is on the inside. Keep smiling. Life is awesome!

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