Having Faith

By | April 17, 2016

When We Have Faith In Knowing Something Will Happen, Then It Will

What does having faith mean? Well have you ever done something that you had to wait to see the results.  and while you were waiting for the results you just knew the out come would be good? That is having faith.  You had no way of knowing for sure , but inside your head you just knew.

Can you imagine if we could just live our lives that way , what our life would be like? If we could just clear our mind of any doubt about anything and just know that what ever happens will be the best for us.

If we could do that then we would have no resistance of any kind going on. We would just accept everything for what it was. There would be no second guessing things as we would just be able to flow with it. We would be having faith knowing that our intuition would guide us along.

Does having faith mean always knowing ?

If we did take a wrong turn, we would know as our emotions would let us know. We would also be looking for clues along the way, as they are always there, if we just pay attention.

There would be no negative emotions, as we would never need them. Our egos would step aside and just let us be who we really are.

There would never be any competition with anyone, as we would know that the universe provides us with what we align to .

We would always be ready to accept from the universe because we would always be feeling love, which means we would be always vibrating high.  There would be no limitations of any kind, just abundance.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all lived this way? Impossible?

It’s only impossible, if you believe it’s impossible

Let’s look at it this way. We are who we are because of all the experiences we have had in our lives. What if from childhood you had been taught that to think differently, to know that you create everything in your world with your thoughts and emotions. And then taught how to control your thoughts. Do you think your life would be different than it is?

Everything we believe was  learned and so we have other people’s beliefs along with our own in our head.  If some of our beliefs are wrong, and they are holding us back, then couldn’t we change those beliefs to reflect who we really are?

It is only when we set our mind on a goal and know in our mind that it will happen, that is does happen. The key is having faith , knowing without a doubt that whatever we have asked for is on its way to us.

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6 thoughts on “Having Faith

  1. Bimmerguy

    I truly love how you say that something is only impossible if you believe it’s impossible. Mind of matter right? If we believe in ourselves we can accomplish anything. You have such a beautiful and inspirational site with some amazing information. I shared your site with my wife and she absolutely loves it. Thank you so very much for all of the awesome info!

    1. Gloria

      Hello bimmerguy,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I am glad you and your wife enjoy my site.I truly believe in everything I write about. I hope to spread the word so others can understand they can have a life they want.

  2. Neil

    I think when we have faith in knowing something great is going to happen, then I believe we attract it to us through using the law of attraction.

    If we all had faith in everything we did, the world would be a whole better place for us all. People would start thinking positive and start spreading happiness throughout the world like wildfire.

    However, the world is full of negativity and toxic people, so we must learn to separate ourselves and have faith in what we do to accomplish greatness 🙂


    1. Gloria

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for the great comment. I think the more people that start waking up to what is real , the better of the world will be.

  3. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Since I found faith in my own life, my life has improved dramatically. Having faith seems to ease my anxiety and worry, most of the time things do work out for the best if we only give them time.

    In your opinion can faith both be a positive and a negative factor in a person’s life?

    1. Gloria


      To answer your question, I believe that having faith that all will be okay no matter what is very important. We only go in the wrong direction when we let our egos get in our way with worry , fear or any other negative emotion. So having faith is always positive.

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