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By | February 24, 2016

When we talk about getting more out of life, it takes me back to my childhood. Remember all the things we wanted to do when we grew up? Remember day dreaming about how our life would be? What happened to those dreams? When did we stop doing this?dreaming2

Those were things we wanted to do. I know it sounds strange but we really knew what we wanted without thinking about it. We just knew and we did not think about why it could not happen.

Somewhere we lost that. The freedom to just dream without thinking about how it could happen or how it was so far from where we were at.

Can you imagine if we still could dream like that? Well, maybe we can. Our minds are amazing and when we control our minds , we can accomplish great things. So now that we are adults, we can actually write down our dreams in detail and then break it down into steps of what we need to do to achieve our dreams.

Sort of like a map of where we are at to where we need to go to make our dreams a reality. Do you think if we did this , it would help us to start getting more out of life?

Lets say we want to purchase something and we need $1,000 for a down payment. If we write out a plan that helps us to start saving that money, for instance, you could ask yourself , how much do I spend on unnecessary things in a month.

Then really think about it and write down everything you can think of and decide what you are willing to give up. Now this will depend on how bad you want to save the $1,000 and how soon.

But when you come up with a plan and what you are making the plan for is something you really truly desire, then it becomes easy to do.

Getting more out of life all comes down to really knowing what you want, making a plan and sticking to the plan until you reach your goal. Of course when you do this your mind will be focused on getting what you want and what our main focus is on is what we create through the law of attraction.

You can do this with anything you desire. Just remember to break it down into steps and then just follow those steps, keeping your focus on your desire.

Lets say you want to lose weight. You would fist decide how much weight you want to lose. Next you would decide if you were going to eat less or not eat certain foods, such as junk food. Or however you decide you want to do it. Then you will write it all down.writing2

So lets say you want to lose 30 lbs  and your going to have less fat in your diet, no junk food and you will exercise with a video program three times a week.  So you would write down that you will not purchase or eat any junk food. That you will only buy low fat food by checking labels when you grocery shop to make sure it is lower in fat. If you snack you will only eat low fat foods and so on until it is a complete map of losing that 30 pounds.

You would just list everything that you want to happen and you could even build in an incentive. Say if you normally spend ten dollars a week on junk food, you could take that ten dollars and put it away for a new outfit. You could even find the new outfit you want and print out pictures of it to look at often.

Once you have your plan written out and you really desire to lose weight, then following your plan will just happen as you will know that you can lose that 30 pounds.

you see, anytime we feel like we are not getting where we want to be or having what we want we will feel kinda stuck and we just have to recognize the areas we are feeling stuck in and decide what we truly want and devise a plan to make it happen.

So remember, we don’t need to feel stuck in our lives. We can control what happens if we choose to do so.

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32 thoughts on “Getting More Out Of Life

  1. Roope

    Thank you for the motivation.

    Writing down goals is super important. I was just thinking should I go to exercise now or not but after reading you article I will surely go to do some exercises because my goal is to be in a great shape. I have certain goals that I want to reach and in order to reach them, I need to work now.

    But if I wouldn’t have written down the goals I probably wouldn’t work out now. So, writing down the goals is the key to success.


    1. Gloria

      Hi Roope,

      It’s amazing what writing down goals can do. It somehow makes them real. I’m glad to here that you got inspiration from the article to do your exercises.

  2. Gloria

    Hi Adam,

    I agree with you. We all have different abilities. Some people need help figuring out where they are stuck, how to go about making a plan and then sticking to the plan. That is okay too. Those are the type of people who could use a life coach to help them.

  3. Imad

    Hello again, Gloria.

    Great read. I enjoyed every paragraph in this post as it took me back to my childhood, I had so many dreams to fulfil, goals to achieve. But year after year, my perspective changed and the things I wanted back then are not important to me anymore.

    Luckily, I was able to find my true vision, what I wanted to do with my life and realized that I can achieve everything I want the moment I set my mind to reach it.

    As you said, our minds are amazing, the inner-power that we have on the inside is incredible, knowing how to wake the achiever in us what life is all about.

    Breaking every goal into small tasks is a the best approach, when I started doing it, everything seemed a lot easier.

    Always a pleasure reading your articles.


    1. Gloria

      Hi Imad,

      I agree, all of our goals have changed since childhood. It’s just that we no longer dream the way we did a children. We now have limiting beliefs that get in our way.

      I am glad to know that you have figured out what works for you.

  4. Jason

    You have some interesting thoughts here Gloria. If I don’t use things to help me focus on what I want to do then I get totally distracted and end up not accomplishing anything. Like you were saying it really helps me to have visual motivation whether it is written or pictures of what I need to do. I also have to have my desire layed out into smaller goals so I think I am accomplishing something and not get overwhelmed. Thanks for the article on this.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jason,

      I’m glad to see that you have organized yourself so that you know how to get things done. Putting things into smaller pieces definitely helps.

  5. Laurie

    Hi Gloria – thanks for this inspiring post. Focusing on what we want, and then making the effort to write down the practical steps toward our goal is such a powerful tool. I would add that if we are embarking on a totally unfamiliar path, we may need to do some research and consult a mentor to get on the right track.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Laurie,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I totally agree about consulting someone for help when we are heading in a direction that is unfamiliar. Like a life coach would be perfect.

  6. Graham

    I really like the message in this article because it is so very true. I’ll have to keep coming back to this article. Although I have to say, sometimes the law of attraction doesn’t always work. I know, I’ve tried. I also like the pages on quieting the mind, and creating a clutter free one.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Graham,

      I am glad that you like my articles. I know exactly what you are saying about the law of attractions not always working and there is a reason. Most of the books and programs that are on the market were written by people who never lost there success mind set, So when the write a book or a program on the law of attraction they are writing to other people that still have there success mind set too, Although they don;t realize this. For people like you and I we will never be able to learn from it . It does not speak our language so to speak. The reason I know this is because one man named Andy Shaw figured this out and he then developed a program that will work for people like you and I You can read more about him at

      Sign up for his free stuff. It’s a great way to sample his work. I really hate to see anyone give up on making the law of attraction work for them,

  7. Mijareze

    Controlling one’s mind sounds a little bizzare but I like the way you explained it using a budget. Think about something you want then plan to get it by setting aside money on a regular basis. I took Karate as a young man and used similar principles. It works! Thanks for allowing me to comment on your website.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Mijareze,

      Thanks for the comment. I understand that your beliefs are different than mine and that is totally fine. I do have a question though. Who or what do you think controls your mind?

  8. netp

    Thank you, this post made me think again about my goals. Actually, I had my diary next to me, so I decided to write down my long term goal and focus my energy now on making that a reality. My life has really changed so dramatically since I started making plans and taking real action, it’s amazing what we can all achieve when we put our mind to it.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Nelp,

      I am so glad to here that you keep a diary. Writing things down really works wonders. Coming up with a plan , like you have done is awesome. More power to you!

  9. Maureen

    What an interesting and inspiring article. We have a much better chance of reaching our goals if we make them visible thus writing them down is a great idea. By doing that we can stick to the plan better and not get side tracked so easily. Thanks for the great advice Gloria

    1. Gloria

      Thank you for the comment Maureen. When we write down our goals we are actually asking for them and giving clear directions on how we are going to achieve them. It really does work.

  10. Axial Followers

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    I am happy that you were able to cure your husband and believe that your belief and tenacity lead to innate actions that lead to the curing him.

    Did you determine his diet of food combinations through the your site research or were you lead to experiment with foods on your own?

    Andy Shaw seems interesting and a wonderful source of learning. The Law of Attraction is powerful!

    I really appreciate all of the work that you have put into your site. Thank you again for sharing, your time, and information.

    -All the best-

    1. Gloria

      Hi Axial,

      You must of read my page Is The Law of Attraction For Real as that is the page you are referring to. As far as a cancer diet goes. I put together my own after I learned what foods a cancer patient should not have.

  11. Gloria

    Hi AJ,

    Writing down goals is a good part of the process. Knowing what you really want is everything. because if we are trying to accomplish something that we only want just a little , then it makes staying motivated a lot harder.

  12. Ian

    Having a plan is definitely crucial if you want to get the most out of life. Although sometimes it’s also nice to move forward in life without a definite plan in place by following your intuition. I think about how we were as children and everything did seem like it was going to be idyllic but then reality often rears its ugly head and we lose heart. But if you use both intuition, positive attitude, and define some goals about what we want to create in our lives then I think we can accomplish our dreams.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Ian,

      I refer to childhood in this article because as children, life was simple. We didn’t have limiting beliefs. We knew what we wanted and we just went after it. If we could do that today, can you imagine what we could accomplish?

  13. Renee Townsend

    I don’t think I’ve ever stopped making goals (dreaming) for myself. I think more than anything, I’m surprised when I fail. 🙂

    What I will say, is I love how you talk about making goals. You talk about making plans and writing those plans down. I have one item to add to part of the plan making process… time as a resource.

    Sometimes achieving a goal takes dedication and hard work. We can sit around and do nothing, hoping our dreams will come true. Or we can getup and do something about it. Yes, it may take time away from sitting in front of the tube eating bon-bons. However, time is a commodity. It’s up to us to pick and choose how we’re going to use it. Sometimes a small time sacrifice can lead to great gains. Similarly to your example of being wasteful in our financials. Are we being wasteful with our time when it comes to reaching our goals?

    1. Gloria

      Hi Renee,

      Thanks for the comment. Very good point you make about time. I totally understand what you are saying. I think if something is important enough to us we should have no issues with giving up something else of less importance.

  14. Marcus

    I know what you mean about all the dreams we had when we were younger. When you are young, so much of life seems ahead of you, and so full of rich possibilities. Then reality gradually comes and ruins all that, doesn’t it? Normal life takes over somehow.

    I suppose a key thing in life is cutting out the things we don’t need. There are many things we do just out of habit, so it’s about changing those habits to new habits, don’t you think?

    1. Gloria

      Hi Marcus,

      When we are children, we dream big. Nothing stands in our way. We don’t have the limiting beliefs we have as adults. We basically see no limits so we just dream about something we want to happen. As adults we let all kinds of things get in our way to making what we really want to happen. We need to remove our limiting beliefs and know that our thoughts and emotions create our worlds and just get out of our own way.

  15. Brandon

    Hey there, thank you for the motivation.
    A lot of people tend to lose track of their lives amidst all of the daily chaos that goes on in our everyday life. It is important to keep track of who we are, and what makes you happy to live a fulfilling life. I like how you emphasized setting and reaching our personal goals and encouraged us that we can reach them if we try.
    Thank you for the good words, and cheers.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I am glad to see you found the article helpful. It is true, we all can have what we want as long as we know what that is and keep our main attention focused on it.

  16. Ben

    This is a great post and one that I am really in tune with at the moment as I have just started reading A Bug Free Mind which I am really enjoying. Controlling your mind to focus on what we really want is the key to living a successful and happy life. Getting back to the way we were when we were kids is a great way to look at the journey overall. Great post, great site. I’ll be back!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Ben,

      I am so glad for you. Creating A Bug Free Mind is an amazing book. Take your time and apply what you learn. I would love to hear how you are doing with it as you get along further in the book. You truly have made an awesome choice for yourself. Congrats to you.

  17. lilywong

    Hi Gloria, this is an inspiring article. Yes, there are days when we feel lost and even lose the ability to dream about things that make us feel good. I like how you pointed out in this article that “Getting more out of life all comes down to really knowing what you want.” It’s high time I take some time off to soul search a bit and find out what really makes me happy. Thanks for this wake-up call!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Lily,

      I am glad this post helped you. Getting more our of life always starts with knowing what it is you want out of life. If we don’t have goals in mind then we can never get where we want to go. Our minds are there for us to use to create what we want.

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