Do I Need A Life Coach

By | March 8, 2016

Do I need A life coach?

If you are asking the questions, do I need a life coach? Let me ask you a question. Why do you think you may need a life coach?do I need a life coach

Some people may want a life coach and it may very well be a good choice, as that life coach may help them achieve what ever they are after.

Most people who want a life coach have things going on that they feel they could use help with. It could be as simple as they need someone to motivate them. Or  it could be they want a new direction in life.

Keep reading before you make a decision one way or the other.

A life coach will ask questions to help his or her client discover what they can’t seem to discover on their own.

They will, through questions and mostly listening, help the client move towards a goal that the client wants to achieve.

They will provide feed back to motivate the client to keep moving forward and they will ask for the client to do specific things to keep the client accountable for what they want to achieve.

So now lets see if you could do this on your own.

Now lets say that you have decided that you want to start your own online business. The first thing you need to ask your self is what is holding you back? Really think about this. You may come up with lots of answers or just one,

Write these down. Now lets say you wrote down, I don’t know where start.

The next step is to write down everything that you are passionate about or that you know quite a bit about. If you are willing to learn about things, then also write down things that you have an interest in.

Next you will need to go online and research each one of these and see what having a business about each interest would be like.

If more than one of these appeals to you than just keep researching until you have decided on just one.

This is basically the steps more or less that a coach would take you through.

Almost anything you under take will require organization. You must be able to organize your thinking so that you can get the results you want.

So do I need a life coach or can I do this myself?

Some people would do better with a coach helping them especially if they are thinking of making a major life change.

If you have decided that working with a life coach is something that you would like to do, Make sure you research what type of coach you want. Just because a coach is certified does not mean that their personality will be what you are looking for or that they will be able to understand you personally.

The way I see it is that a good coach can read between the lines. And because of that will have a much better idea of how to help you. They will know what questions to ask , just from listening from you.  Rather than a coach who follows a manual of what to ask.

You should be able to tell if this coach will be able to help you after one session.

Deciding if you want to work with a life coach is a individual choice that only you can make.

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