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By | April 24, 2016

Let’s Discover Happiness And Learn To Love Life Again!

Did you ever think about what areas in your life you are happy in and what areas you are not? Let’s see if we can discover happiness – love life again in a new happiness - love life again

When we think about happiness, we often think about it as a person is either happy or they are not. We tend to forget that a lot of things make up our overall happiness.

We may have a job that we really don’t like, but have you examined what about the job you don’t like? Is it possible you like the work , but not your boss? Or maybe it’s the people you work with.

Your confidence plays a great part in your happiness. It can be the difference between doing what you want to do, to just sitting back and not feeling you can do it for some reason. Your confidence can hold you back from something that would make you happy.

Families usually make people happy, but not always, sometimes their can be too many conflicts with brothers, sisters, grandparents or others within your family. This can create unhappiness in that area of your life.

Do you compare yourself to others? This can be a problem area for lots of people. When we start to compare ourselves we are either feeling we are not good enough or that we are better than others. Either way, It is taking us away from accepting who we really are.

Are you in a happy relationship? If not what is missing? You must step back and look at it from all angles. There is no blame to be found. Just a better understanding of what is going on.

Are you carrying around hurt memories from your past that need to go? Do these memories hold you back in any way? Most of us don’t even know what is in our subconscious until something happens that makes us look at it.

People get caught up in the I want mode. They want and want. They are always wanting something because it makes them feel happy for a short period of time. True happiness can not be found on the outside. It comes from within.

Let’s learn to discover happiness – love life again

There are many areas in our lives that can add or subtract from our overall happiness. But there are certain areas in our lives that affect us more than others. If we can figure out these then we are on our way to where we can discover happiness – love life again.

It’s sort of like a balancing act where in order to be happy, our lives need to be balanced.

But how do we figure out where we are at?

Below is a happiness quiz. It was specially developed by Andy Shaw who is the Author of several personal development books. This is not any ordinary quiz. It will show you your strengths and the areas you can improve in. We all want to be happy so why not find out what is holding you back. Let’s discover happiness and love life again. Click below to get started.

Andy Shaw’s free materials

discover happiness - love life again

2 thoughts on “Discover Happiness – Love Life Again

  1. Krissy

    Wow I really like your website. Finding what makes you happy and it really makes you feel like you can conquer the world. When I was in Florida I had never been so happy and it felt like a dream come true and I’m about to make that dream a reality next year hopefully.. Inline skating also makes me very happy and having a job I like I really feel at ease compared to last year and 15 years prior to that.. I’ll be back to visit your site again! Keep up the great work!
    Best Wishes,

    1. Gloria

      Hi Krissy,

      So glad you like my article. It’s a great feeling when we can be in touch with our feelings. You are making one of your dreams come true and that is awesome. Think about how you did this and you can do it in all areas of your life. The book Creating A Bug Free Mind would be an awesome read for you. Once read you will know that Florida is a for sure, not just a hopefully.

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