Creating The Life You Want

By | January 10, 2016

If you know what you want then creating the life you want is quite simple, once you get rid of all the garbage that is in your mind.

When we have garbage in our minds , such as bad memories from the past or we worry about things, than these things are with us all the time.

When we don’t control them, then they control us and so we do not think about the things we want.

We are not focused on what we want. We are living in the past or the future and the only place we can create anything good in our lives is now.

We need to learn to be in the present so the past or future is not our main focus.

If we learn to re-train our thinking than we can have the life we desire.

Right now we are using the law of attraction daily. If what we see in our lives is not what we want then we need to ask ourselves if we want to change our thinking so that we can have what we want or are we okay with the way things are.

Andy Shaw , who is the author of Creating A Bug Free Mind, talks creating the life you wantabout how our minds are a lot like computers in the sense that when a computer contains viruses it doesn’t work properly.

The same as when our minds are full of limiting beliefs

Of course we all have limiting beliefs. No one has identical ones because everyone has had different experiences in their lives. For example You may have a fabulous life except you can’t seem to make the money you desire. So that would  mean you  definitely have limiting beliefs when it comes to money.

His book is amazing to say the least. He knows just how to teach concepts and he takes you through his book in a step by step fashion.

He explains why most self help books fall short when it comes to creating the life you want.

Creating A Bug Free mind is the best book I have ever read. Actually it’s more than just a book you read, it’s a learning manual and every time you read it you will learn new things.

Your mind can only accept so much at one time and as you re-read the book a second time, your understanding of things is greater and your mind will allow you to absorb more.

Andy puts his work out there for people to try for free as he knows that just reading some of the book will help.

So I would encourage you to  download the first five chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind and see what happens as you read it.

You will learn how to become aware of your thoughts. Then how to quiet your mind. You will learn how to be in control of your mind, rather than it being in control of you.  You will learn all about how all your limiting beliefs are stopping you from reaching your goals. And little by little you will remove all those limiting beliefs.

Andy Shaw will take you step by step through everything you will need to know to have the life you desire.

Anyone can have anything they want in their life once they understand and apply what Andy Shaw teaches.


6 thoughts on “Creating The Life You Want

  1. JChrisA

    Hi, Gloria!
    I was excited to run across your website! I enjoyed reading your posts on the mind, as you made it very clear and easy to understand, yet the needed information was all right there. This is very interesting material and from what I am reading here, a lot of experience and expertise went into this very creative self-help program and book! The contents summary of the first 5 chapters really has whetted by appetite to read the whole thing. Thank you for putting this information out there, so that more people can benefit from it. I am looking forward to you future pieces and will definitely be returning to read more!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi JchrisA, I am so glad you enjoyed reading this post. Andy Shaw’s work is truly amazing. The best part is it really works. He guarantees anything of his for 60 days. How many other self development books come with any kind of a guarantee? That is how sure he is that it will work for anyone. I will look forward to you coming back to read more of my posts. Thanks a lot!

  2. Taking A Leap Of Faith

    If you know what you want for your life then creating that is simple once you get rid of all the extra clutter that is in your mind. Andy Shaw wrote Creating a Bug Free Mind, and it explains that our brains are much like computers. He teaches you step by step. He shows you why most self help books don’t work. it’s more like a manual than a book and you will learn more with each reading than you did the first time. He shows you how to become aware of the thoughts you are thinking, to be actually present in your mind. Then how to quiet your mind. And how to control it instead of letting it control you. You will learn little by little everything you need to know to create the life you want, the life you were meant to have.

    1. Gloria


      Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you have read Creating a Bug Free Mind. I love that book! Highly recommend it to anyone.

  3. Hilton

    We’ve all probably got some limiting beliefs then, most definitely, going by the definition in this article.

    I also wonder if some minds are more prone to cluttering than others. For example, people who are more curious than others, or who multitask and like learning new things, are they in greater danger of having crowded, cluttered minds than those who are more relaxed or who just focus on one thing at a time? Some people just seem like they always have to be doing something, and I think that’s because that’s the way their brains are wired. If so, are they just biologically more inclined to have more thoughts bouncing around in their heads at any one time?

    1. Gloria

      Hi Hilton,

      That’s a very good question. Most of the clutter in our minds come from our childhood and other experiences that had some affect on us. If they were bad experiences or perceived as bad by us then we end up with negative thoughts that will continue to be there until we remove them. If on the other hand we had lots of good experiences then we may only have a few things that clutter our minds. Mind clutter is basically stuff that is there that is no longer doing us any good, in fact it is probably stopping us from being who we really want to be.

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