Celebrities Talk About The Law Of Attraction

By | February 18, 2016

Celebrities Talk About The Law Of Attraction

The video below is about how celebrities talk about the law of attraction. It is quite inspiring to see how the law of attraction changed their lives. And how they use it in their daily lives.

Anyone who has doubts about the law of attraction will truly understand the power we all have after watching this.

I hope that we can take from this, to never give up on your dreams. We are all creators.

If we know that it really works, then the problem must be in the way we are trying to use it

If you don’t know how to use the law of attraction , then learn about it, purchase a program that will teach you, get a coach, or read books on it.

We can all create on purpose! We use the law of attraction everyday without even knowing it. It does not just go away if you choose not to learn about it.

 You are using it right now.

What are your thoughts and  feelings as you are reading this? You are sending out vibrations to the universe with those thoughts and feeling and those vibrations are matching up with like vibrations.

If you want a new job, to be happier, a new car or anything, it is the law of attraction that brings that to you. Or keeps it away from you.

If your overall thoughts are on things you don’t want, then you will keep getting back things you don’t want. If you focus on things that you do want then those things will move closer to you. We have to reach a point that we know what we are focusing on is a definite. It is when we doubt something that we push it away.

We can choose to not learn about it and just keep doing what we are doing. But, if you want change in your life it is only to your advantage to learn about it. You can not create change with the same thoughts that got you where you are right now. Look at the celebrities in the video, they all at one point learned about it and how it works.

They tell you, that this is how they accomplished so much and are what they are today.

The law of attraction can seem quite complicated and like anything else, when you don’t know how to use it , then it does seem out of reach. But there are so many books and  programs out there that will teach you what you need to know. Andy Shaw has two books that teaches everything you need to know about manifesting in a step by step fashion.

Jafree Ozwald has a program called The Super Manifestor, It teaches you how to get beyond all your limiting beliefs and vibrate at a super high frequency so that you change your life in just 90 days.

If you want to change your life , then you need to change your thinking.

Both of the above programs will teach you to do that.  Both of the programs were created to help people learn about how the law of attraction works and how to use it.

Imagine being given a complex tool without a manual. It would take a long time to figure it out. Of course, you may never figure it out without the manual. This is basically what our lives are like. But, when we figure out how to use our minds we start to control our lives and we can head in the direction we want.

The programs above are both like manuals that will point us in the right direction, show us what needs to be done and teach us how to have the life of our dreams.


People use affirmations for different reasons , but one is to put yourself in a good mood.

Below are some affirmations.  Choose a few you like and read them to yourself daily. As you do this really feel what you are saying. Over a period of time these will become your beliefs.

Whatever I can conceive and know , I can create

Happiness is a choice, I choose to be happy

I am happy where I am at.

Every experience I have is perfect for my growth.

I look within to find my treasures.

I handle my own life with joy and ease.

I accept what is.

It is okay for me to have everything I want.

I am spiritually perfect.

I Surrender to what is , let go of what was and have faith in what will be.

I have Patience in the present, faith in the future and joy in the doing.

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22 thoughts on “Celebrities Talk About The Law Of Attraction

  1. Joon

    I’ve subscribed to the youtube channel VYBO as well. They have some great video clips there that discuss about the Law of Attraction. My personal favorite is Conor McGregor’s. Not only he’s doing well with his success, I can tell he’s fully absorbed in the law of attraction and uses it very effectively. I wasn’t a fan of him until I got to know him better and how he effectively uses the law in his life.

  2. RuthM

    This is really interesting. It’s a long video so I didn’t watch it the whole way through, but the idea is great.

    And I don’t know about you, but having celebrities talk about the law of attraction, somehow makes it a little more real. Ironic really.

    I don’t know that much about the principles, but I definitely want to look into it some more.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, When we hear celebrities talking about something like the law of attraction and how they use it, then it does become real. I think that is because we see how far it has taken them. I am glad you are interested in learning more. You could check out http://creatingaclutterfreemind.com/mastering-the-law-of-attraction which will give you some more information.

  3. Jamie

    I am familiar with the law of attraction and the regarded “magical” benefits that it can produce. I think it really helps to have a positive mind set, everything else will fall into place when you believe something will happen and never give up. Thank you for the great post! What is your experience with the Law of Attraction?

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jamie,

      I hear all the time that people believe in the law of attraction , but then they seem to forget about it like it belongs to only certain people. Far from the truth. Everyone can have what they want. I wrote a post on my experience with the law of attraction at http://creatingaclutterfreemind.com/is-the-law-of-attraction-for-real This was a pretty amazing experience and it taught me that we can basically have what we want as long as we know how to use the law of attraction.

  4. Jane

    Hi Gloria, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I loved the video, I watched the entire thing. I do believe that we can all have what we want, we just have to learn how to believe in ourselves. Everything begins with a thought. Great article and I look forward to reading more here on your site! Have a great days~

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks for the comment and taking time to watch the video. It’s amazing what we as humans can accomplish when we know how. I will be adding content regularly so I look forward to you coming back.

  5. Imad

    Hello, Gloria.

    This is an amazing post. I always thought that the law of attraction is as real as the water we drink every day. I am in the process of discovering how it works and how I can take full advantage of it. Things are far better for me since the first time I heard of it.

    Awesome video as well, I enjoyed every minute. Thanks a lot for this valuable article. I really appreciate it.


  6. Debora

    Hi Gloria,
    Your website is amazing. I read the book The Law of Attraction a while ago after seeing videos on youtube talking about the subject. Is very interesting and works! I wrote down everything I want and desire and it is started to happen! You must believe and feel it.
    Great job,

    1. Gloria

      Hi thanks Debora for your comment. I am so please to hear that you are using the law of attraction. It is amazing what we as humans are capable of , but I know you already know that! Here’s to more success for you!

  7. Jovo

    Hi, I have seen a lot of texts about this low of attraction without ever understanding its true meaning. This still holds, I must admit I do not know what this is. See this example which you give ‘It is okay for me to have everything I want.’ This is ok for everybody, but what does this have to do with real life. You yourself write ‘we can have what we want’. I guess it is not popular to be pessimistic but this statement of yours did not show me how to achieve that.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jovo,

      The law of attraction is a way of using your thoughts to create the life you want. It is about learning to control your mind, so that you can keep your main thoughts on what you are trying to bring into your life. We use the law of attraction all the time without realizing it. The problem is that because we are not controlling our thought we tend to create more of what we do not want in our life. When you learn about the law of attraction, you will learn how it works and how to use it. Andy Shaw has lot of free materials that will teach you all about it. You can find them at http://creatingaclutterfreemind.com/footstepsthroughyourmind

  8. John Rico

    I definitely agree with the law of attraction. I believe that the way you see perceive things is a great factor on how you will get through life. For example right now, I hate my work. So in return I am having a hard time in work. If I take time in loving my work, I think I would do better in my job and will give me a more successful life. SO how did you learn all of this? Is it really effective?

    1. Gloria

      Hi John,

      To answer your question about work. If you hate your job then all you need to do it start looking at it as a bridge to get you to your next job. So you start looking at your job differently. Now you do your job a well and complete as you can each day. This is like building your bridge. And in the mean time you have asked the universe for a better job that you will love doing. You have to stop wanting a new job and know it is on it’s way. To learn more go to http://creatingaclutterfreemind.com/successthinking there is lots of information on how to completely change your life around to what you want it to be.

  9. Sarah V.E.

    Such a great post that I needed to read! Maybe the law of attraction brought me to this post, eh?

    I would recommend setting up a dreamboard to anyone who loves this post. We are visual creatures and I think it helps so much!

    But really, your blog is off the hook! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great content!

    I look forward to reading tons more in the future!



    1. Gloria

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank for your comment. I dream board is a very good idea! And it also works!

  10. Henning

    You did a great job of explaining the Law Of Attraction – not an easy task. However, a lot of people still have a misconception how it works, even celebrities.

    Your are right, it starts with your thoughts. But you don’t have to deliberately keep your thoughts on what you want – it will happen in any case if you truly want something like the celebs do. For those who struggle, it is more important to keep away from negative thoughts, and your emotions are the indicator how you are doing. Positive emotions indicate positive thoughts and therefore positive manifestations. The opposite is also true.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Henning,

      Thanks for your comment. You are right in the sense that you do not have deliberately keep your thoughts on what you want, however, on the inside it has to be your main focus other wise you will not achieve much. And when we want something bad enough, it becomes our main focus automatically.

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