Can Using Your Heart Energy Change Your Life?

By | March 10, 2016

What Is Heart Energy?

Can using your heart energy change your life? If you have read some of my other pages , you will know that everything is made of energy, including ourselves. can using your heart energy change your life?

It is our thoughts that create our worlds, but it is our heart energy that really propels it forward.

Think about a time when you were really excited or happy about something. Where in your body did you feel that happiness or excitement? It came from the heart.

It is when we learn to open our hearts and let the energy flow through that we start to see some amazing changes in our lives.

Think about when we are at a job we don’t like for eight hours a day. Do you think energy is flowing through our hearts or is it being blocked?

It’s hard to have a open heart when we are not feeling good about what we are doing.  This doesn’t mean we can’t change our lives for the better. We certainly can. It just means that it won’t happen as fast.  But think about this. No matter what job you have, you can still turn your thoughts to something that makes you happy.

You actually can do this anywhere. All that is required is that you learn to pay attention to your thoughts and when a negative thought is there , you change it to something better.

If you are not at a point where you can catch your negative thoughts as they are happening, then you can tell what kinds of thoughts are in your head by the way you feel. Or to put it another way, by the mood you are in. If you are in a bad mood pay attention to where in your body you are feeling it. When you are happy feel where in your body you are feeling it.

The more you start to pay attention to these feeling in your body, you will start to become aware of what thought are causing those feelings. As you become more aware, you will start to be able to catch your thoughts. It will happen gradually. Some times you will be more aware then others and that is fine.

It’s like anything else. the more you do it the better you will become. Once you are able to start catching some of them thoughts, just change them to a more positive thought and if you can a lot more positive.

Once you have practiced this for a while, you should be able to do it in a lot of situations. Turn your focus to your heart and think of a memory that is the best for you. Something that made you so happy and relive it. Pay attention to your heart and see if you can feel it opening and energy flowing through it.

It’s important that you know this feeling of your heart being open and energy just flowing through, because once you know the feeling, you will be able to open your heart on demand.

Once you can open your heart on demand, you will be in a position to create what you desire in your life at greater speeds.

Can using your heart energy change your life

Just ask God or what ever you believe to be your higher power for what you desire with your heart open and energy flowing through.  Then release it knowing that it has been sent out and you no longer have to want it, as it is on it’s way.

You must do your best to keep your heart open so that you stay on the same vibrating as what you have asked for.

Jafree Ozwald offers a free download of his brainwave meditation (Please see below )
This is the most amazing way to keep your frequencies vibrating high.

Look for signs of what the universe wants you to do to help. These may come in the form of something that seems to be totally unrelated to what you asked for. You must trust the universe and follow these as they will lead you to where you want to go.

So now you know that using your hearts energy can change your life , but it can’t work unless you put in the time and energy to make it happen.


10 thoughts on “Can Using Your Heart Energy Change Your Life?

  1. Maria

    Hi Gloria,
    Thank you once again for a beautiful article on changing your life for the better. I’m sure in many cases people resist opening their heart and letting their heart dictate things because it’s a bit scary when inside they know how they really feel – whether it’s about a job, or relationship. It could lead to losses or changes they are not prepared to make. However, at least they would know how they feel about a situation more readily. I agree that if you open your heart even in the hardest of times, which I think of as accepting the flow of energies of life, you find yourself in a better place.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Maria,

      I think that you are right about people being scared to look inside. But when we live life just on the outside only, we miss a lot that could make us so much happier and fulfilled.

  2. Michelle

    Hi Gloria

    I like your site. That is the talk that I really need in my life right now. I read….

    Can using your heart energy change your life?

    Why can’t I stop eating?

    Why we procrastinate

    About You

    I need to lose weight, I need to change mind habits. God has helped me, but I still fall short.


    1. Gloria

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I am hearing what you are saying about needing to lose weight. You are right about changing your thought patterns. If you are telling yourself you need to lose weight then you will just get more of needing to lose weight, You have to look at how you feel about food and about your body. Then work on changing your thoughts around those two areas. see my page I would recommend you check out inner talk products or Brain Sync products. Both have products that will help you lose weight.

  3. Ben

    I love these kind of articles as it brings everything back into a sense of what is true and what is real in this world. I like the idea of tapping into your feelings to see what you have been thinking. I will use this going forward. I try to meditate daily but it is such a slowwwww process and I find myself getting frustrated. I wish their was a quick fix to feel good permanently!!!

    1. Gloria

      Hi Ben,

      I too wish there was a quick fix to feel good permanently. It would make life easier! But like anything else our minds need maintenance .There is however a way to feel good fast, Did you read my article how to stop the negative thoughts. I teach you a quick way that takes 15 seconds to do. Just by doing it on a regular basis it will keep you feeling good. I recommend doing it once an hour to begin with until you start to be aware of your thoughts as they are happening. 15 seconds is not much time so it should keep you from becoming frustrated.

  4. Jose

    Hey Gloria, Once again you have amazed me with your content, the truth is our hearts have the highest vibrational energy out of all our organs. Our heart are absolutely pure and once we can harness the power and learn to use it, we can absolutely manifest anything we truly want. Thank you for opening and waking up the minds of humanity! Peace

    1. Gloria

      Hi Jose,

      I am glad to see you like my site. You are absolutely right. Heart energy is so very powerful! I am on a mission to help as many people realize what life truly is about!

  5. Marilyn

    OK Gloria, I hear what you are saying (beautifully put too by the way 🙂 ) but I was wondering if you could answer for me this:

    There was a time in my life when each morning as I woke up… the very second I woke, I was flooded with good and happy feelings. Then something happened! I won’t go into it but things changed.

    Now, on more mornings than not, on that very second that I awake I have a feeling of dread. I have to lie there and talk myself out of it.

    Do you understand what is going on in my life?

    1. Gloria

      Hi Marilyn,

      To answer your question. When you had that something happen in your life , it changed your thoughts. You no longer have the same thoughts as before. When you wake up feeling dread, it is because you are dealing with negative thoughts. Your feelings about yourself have changed and you may not even realize it. I would recommend that you become aware of your thoughts , You can learn how to do this by reading my article How to Stop the negative thoughts. This will help you have a better idea of what is going on. It is all a matter of examining why you feel the way you do now and changing your thoughts back to being positive.

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