Best Ways To Relax Your Mind

By | January 22, 2016


Let’s talk about some of the best ways to relax your mind.

We all have times when we just need to take a break and be away from it all. Kind of just a time for you.

Just relaxing and letting everything go is so beneficial to your mind and your body. It helps relieve tension and stress. It’s also important so we can balance back out. Even when you had a great day, it’s still important to give yourself time to just be.

Stress causes tension in the body and affects all your organs. Too much stress over a period of time actually kills some of your brain cells. Stress actually can shorten you life span.

So it’s very important to not let stress build up in your body. Lots of people exercise to relieve stress and it does help. However, not everyone has time to do that daily.

Because stress starts in our mind, we should concentrate on relaxing our mind and when we do that it will relax our bodies.

I have three ways that I personally use to relax my mind. All three ways work exceptionally well. Sometimes I do all three each day. Other days I do one or two. You will be amazed at how awesome any of them will make you feel.

  • The first one is actually a manifesting Mantra but you can use it to just relax or you could use it to manifest while you are relaxing. Either way you will feel amazing after doing this and it only takes about 5 minutes. I use the mantra daily. Once you learn it, you will be able to do it anytime you would like to relax , no matter where you are. You will find it here


  • The second thing is also really relaxing. Just close your eyes and listen to some relaxing music or recorded soft back ground noise like the ocean. I personally enjoy self hypnosis recordings. I pick the title I want and I am not only relaxing my mind but I am improving areas in my life depending on the title I choose to listen to.  These self hypnosis recording change my inner thoughts and in doing so I can create something better in that area of my life. There are lots of titles. So there is something for everyone.                                        You will find them here


  • The third way – First find a quiet place to sit. Now close your eyes and in your mind relive a really good memory. Really feel like you did when the memory happened. The more memories you can relive, the better you will feel. If you are somewhere and you just need to relax, just doing this for 15 seconds will help.

If you have questions about how to do any of these , just want to let me know how these are making you feel, or you have ways that work for you, then please leave a comment below.


10 thoughts on “Best Ways To Relax Your Mind

  1. Jason

    Hi Gloria.

    When it comes to stress, I keep my mind closed off to its effect. I have seen stress crippled so many people over the years.
    Even thought anyone can use the power of the mind to achieve many things in life, the negative power of the mind can really cause hard to the body.

    I recently listened to Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and it is a book full of positive affirmations with a lot of meditation practices. These materials are really great for anyone.

    I like your recommendations too and will be given them a closer look.

    Thanks for sharing a very important article.

    All the very best to you.


    1. Gloria Post author

      Thanks for the comment Jason. A lot of people just don’t realize that there are ways to release all the built up stuff before it turns to stress. You are so right about the effects stress can have on a person. Glad to see you keep your stress under control.

  2. Nnamdi

    Hi Gloria, your post just happens to be at the right time. With many going through tedious and stressful activities (including me) it is high time to just let be. Best ways to relax your mind article is a great tip of how to put off all the stress and tension. We need it from time to time in order to function better.

    Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful post that reminds us to take a time off.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Nnamdi,
      You are so right. The world is a fast moving place. People are in more and more stressful situations on a daily basis. we have to remember to take care of ourselves. Lots of people don’t think they have time to do this, but without some kind of release, stress will build up in your system and lead to all kinds of health problems.

  3. Helen

    Hi Gloria

    It is nice to come across a website like this. This information just gives you a time to unwind and take a break from our busy lives Stress is really bad for us and I personally like the part where you say just relax with some good music in the background this is what I normally do. I take my car and just park at the beach listening to some some soft classic music in the background while also listening at the waves. This is so relaxing to me.

    Thanks for this information

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Helen,
      I wrote this so people will learn to recognize that we all need to relax. I’m so glad that you have found a way to do that for yourself. Most people forget to just take time for themselves.

  4. Shaz

    I love option 3, it is something I do often and it works very well for me!

    You have some great content here that I will have to come back and read when I am a bit more relaxed 🙂


    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Shaz,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. We all need to take time for ourselves, just to unwind and relax.

  5. Zailinah

    Hey Gloria,

    Thank you for writing this article as when we are stressed, we forget to relax. I agree – stress leads to an unhealthy mind and body, partly (as I learn) because our blood circulation is affected by stress. I go for your second suggestion in relieving stress – listening to music. Somehow, some songs evoke certain pleasant memories 🙂

    1. Gloria Post author

      yes, the world is moving so fast. People need to slow down, relax and just enjoy the moment. Listening to music is a great stress reliever, as long as it’s calm music.

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