Best Natural Treatment For Depression

By | January 19, 2016

The best natural treatment for depression is different for everyone. People become depressed for different reasons, however it all starts with the negative thoughts that are in your mind.

So if you could change those negative thoughts, then you would feel different. Imagine two people just waking up in the morning. One has had awesome dreams all night about finding the perfect job and then going out in the evening depressedand meeting the girl of his dreams. The second person has had bad dreams of losing his job, feeling bad about himself and then going home only to find his girlfriend has left him. Now can you see how each person will feel different about the day?

Even if the don’t remember their dreams , their subconscious does and it will affect them. One person will be more positive and the other will be more negative.

Did you know that you have thoughts going on in your mind all day long? And did you know that your thoughts create your reality?  Now if these thoughts are mostly negative day after day , is it any wonder why you feel depressed?

When a person is depressed he or she will start to feel like their situation is hopeless. The more depressed they become the worse it gets. They will no longer have that drive

The good news is you don’t have to be depressed. You can change your thoughts to be mostly positive. When you learn how to quiet your mind and control your thoughts you will be amazed at how you start to feel. You can cure your depression all by yourself.

How good would that feel to not be depressed anymore?

What if I am trying to help someone else who is depressed?

That is a good question because people who are depressed can reach the point where everything feels hopeless to them. They no longer have the drive to push themselves forward. Even getting out of bed can be hard for them.

If you have someone in your life who is depressed, they may need your help in order to rise above what they are feeling.  You need to know that this person has lost themselves in a pattern of negative thoughts.  They feel helpless and can not feel anything but negative thoughts that are going on in their mind.

You can help this person by interrupting their negative thought patterns and changing them to more positive ones.

But how do I do that?

Play some recording that are specifically made for depression in the same room they are in. Or better yet , if you can get them to listen with headphones.

What you are doing is changing their negative thought patterns to positive thoughts. Once their negative thought patterns are interrupted and changed just a little bit , You will see some improvement in them.

It is very important that they continue to listen to this recording as often as they can, or at least once a day. It takes time for new patterns to become habits. Research says it takes about 30 days for something to become a habit.

So if you are treating yourself or helping someone else, the treatment would be the same.

There are different things you can do, starting right now!

Below are some of the best natural treatments for depression. 

That will interrupt and change a persons negative thought patterns.


Yes, there are lots of books on depression, but not just any book is going to help you. You need a way to change your thought patterns from negative to positive. In his book, Creating A Bug Free Mind , Andy Shaw talks about how anyone can cure themselves of depression.  Creating A Bug Free Mind is more then just a book. It’s a learning manual that will help anyone in all areas of their life. You don’t have to live with depression.  Learn more about how Andy Shaw can help you.

self Hypnosis MP3

These types of recordings are a great way to change you inner voice from negative to positive. There are recordings made especially for depression. When you start listening to them you will notice a change in yourself very quickly.  Go here to see the MP3s


If you have any questions about depression or would like to leave your own personal review, then leave comment below.


6 thoughts on “Best Natural Treatment For Depression

  1. Rashaad

    This is a great post. I will try out these treatments and will definitely refer family and friends back to this page! Keep up the good work!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Rashaad,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you for referring family and friends to my site.

  2. Rashaad

    This is a great post. I will try out these treatments and will definitely refer family and friends back to this page! Keep up the great work!

    1. Gloria Post author

      I’m glad you liked my post. Thank you for letting others know about these treatments.

  3. Anh Nguyen

    This is something I’m very interested in as someone who has symptoms of depression.

    You mentioned recording that are specifically made for depression, what are these? Do you mean self hypnosis? In my experience, I found them almost disturbing though because I don’t feel any changes are taking place. I wonder if that’s normal, as you mentioned though, it differs from one person to another, right?

    Are there any other methods you recommend to get over depression in a natural way?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Gloria

      Hi Anh,

      Depression comes from within. People who are depressed feel that some area of their life is not in their control. You have to first accept that you are depressed. Next figure out the area or areas in your life that is making you feel no control. Then read my article on How to stop the negative thoughts. Follow the technique I give. My recommendation would be to read the book A Bug Free Mind. The link will take you to download the first 5 chapters free. You will learn how to control your mind so that you never have to worry about depression again or any negative emotions. Let me know how you make out. Or if you have more questions email me at

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