Be Thankful For What You Have

By | March 20, 2016

Be Thankful For What You Have

I’m sure you have heard people say, be thankful for what you have. If we really think about it , we all have lots to be thankful for. The house we live in, our families, the car we drive, our health and the Be thankful for what you have.list goes on.

When we make a list of the things we are personally grateful for and we really feel the emotions that go along with each of them, our mood changes and so does our vibration because we are telling the universe that we appreciate these things and we are thankful to have them in our life. So the universe will send us more things to appreciate and be thankful for.

When we are thankful for something, it opens our heart and we can’t help but feel happy.

Being thankful or grateful for something can do wonders for stress. When we are truly thankful , we see things differently and if we look for things to be grateful for everyday then our stress levels will actually go down.

One of the greatest benefits of being thankful is that you will start to realize how important somethings really are that you may of previously taken for granted.

I know things like our water, electricity, and a warm place to live can begin to have new meaning when we start to be thankful that we have them. It is not until our electricity goes out in a storm that we all of a sudden realize how grateful we are to have electricity so we can see in the dark, run our pump from the well for water and have our heat on.

If we just stop and think , we can find so many things to be grateful for. We even take our health for granted.  We don’t give it much thought until something goes wrong and we become sick.

We live in a world where so many things are taken for granted. If we would all become more grateful . Our lives would be different. People would develop a lot more empathy for one another and situations would be looked at differently.

We all might help that person who is broke down beside the road, rather then just drive by, because we would know that if we were in their shoes we would be thankful that someone stopped to help us.

So be thankful for what you have and remember, the more you’re grateful for , the more you will have to be grateful for.

6 thoughts on “Be Thankful For What You Have

  1. David

    Thanks for the uplifting article.
    People nowadays seem too focused on their problems and don’t look at their blessings. I’ve traveled in the Third World and have seen terrible poverty. Not knowing where your next meal is going to come from or having no electricity is something most of us don’t have to worry about.
    I’m grateful for what I have and I hate seeing people take the good things they have in life for granted. If they could see how other people in the world have to deal with the hand life dealt them maybe they would learn to appreciate what they do have.
    Thanks for pointing this out!

    1. Gloria

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment. I sure helps bring a new understanding of things when you see it first hand. I have never seen what you have first hand, but have read about it. I am glad to here you are grateful for what you have.

  2. roamy

    Hello Gloria
    l really enjoyed reading your post, we humans are never happy, never contented, we are always looking for ways to have more, and the disappointing part is that most of the time we are looking for material things.
    in my time, l have travelled to so many places, seen how people live with so little and they were happy and kept asking, are they happy with the little they have because they do not know anything else?
    in the end i came to a conclusion that they are thankful for the little they have and are grateful to have it in the first place.
    Thanks again really enjoyed your post, will pop over to Amazon to check Dr Johns Book the gratitude effect.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Roamy,

      Thanks for your comment. I hear exactly what you are saying. You example as to why you see people that have less than a lot of others being happy and having such a kind heart. They truly know and feel what it is like to be thankful for what they have.

  3. Darren

    It’s very difficult to feel grateful at times even when you know that there are people that have it a lot worse then you do. I think turning gratefulness into a habit and just showing respect and appreciation to those you love and understanding is key. A gratefulness journal in the morning can work wonders.

    Most people understand that they should be grateful and feel bad that they’re not performing at their peak.
    Relative deprivation can be a big problem because while some people across the world go days without eating, you don’t see them on a daily basis, but you do see people who drive better cars and have better jobs and it invokes jealousy.

    Who is this Demartini guy though? Never heard of him before is he any good?

    1. Gloria

      Hi Darren,

      I totally agree , we see all the things we would like to have and it makes it hard to be grateful. But if you can start to control your thoughts and understand that you can have what you want, then it becomes automatic to be grateful. Andy Shaw , in his book Creating A Bug Free mind, teaches exactly how to do that and a lot more.

      Dr. John Demartini is the author of Count Your Blessings and he is very knowledgeable about ways of being grateful.

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