Are Mistakes Good

By | March 4, 2016

Are Mistakes Good ? Are They There To Teach Us Something?

When we think about mistakes, most of us think that we need to avoid them. But are mistakes good? Could our mistakes be trying to teach us something? are mistakes goodCould it be that we just grew up thinking mistakes were bad?

What if we started looking at mistakes in a different way?

When I was growing up, we were taught to look at mistakes as being bad. Maybe no one ever said that to us, but the message was there.

I remember plenty of times in school where someone would get an answer wrong and the whole class would laugh. That was a clear sign that mistakes should be avoided. I’m sure the kid that it happened to decided that he would never offer an answer again in front of the class unless he was sure that it was correct.

If similar things happened to that boy over and over then I’m sure that he feels bad making mistakes still , even though he is a grown up. Things like this happened to a lot of us when we were growing up and so the belief of many people is that mistakes are something we try to avoid.

But what if we started looking at our mistakes in a different way. What if we decided that mistakes teach us something and rather than beating ourselves up, we ask ourselves questions? Questions like, what is this trying to teach me? Or what am I supposed to be learning from this?

Maybe if we see mistakes as our teachers, we would feel differently about making them. Rather than not doing something because we feel we may make a mistake and feel bad , we would go ahead and do it because even if we made a mistake, it would be teaching us something. Perhaps it would show us something we hadn’t even thought of.

You see mistakes don’t have to be thought of as something to dread or make us feel bad. If we learn to look at them as a way to grow, then they no longer hold us back. They actually become a good thing because each one can teach us something new.

Also, if your not worried about making a mistake, then you may find that you really were worried about nothing all along. It was just the fear of making a mistake that held you back.

Think about all the times that you were held back for fear of making a mistake. But wait, maybe you did make a mistake, maybe you missed an opportunity of some kind.

The biggest problem is that even though we can now understand why we feel mistakes are bad, and we can even look at them differently, our feelings will not have changed. they are part of our limiting beliefs. They are basically part of who we are. Our subconscious mind believes that making mistakes are bad.  So those beliefs must go or they will just be holding us back.

In order to remove them, we need to be able to look back on our childhood and try to remember when somethings may have happened to make us believe this.

We then need to relive some of those moments and realize that the mistakes we made were not bad , it was the way we all were taught to look at them.  As you look at what some of the mistakes taught you , you can ask yourself , are mistakes good and feel what your response is.

When that belief is gone, you will no longer have a reaction to that question.

There is nothing bad about getting an answer wrong. There is nothing bad about trying something and making a mistake along the way.

When we no longer worry about making a mistake and when we can say , Okay, I made a mistake. Now I have a great learning opportunity. We will know they are there to help us.

We just need to start looking for the lesson that is being taught. This maybe hard to see at first, but with practice, it will become easier.

There maybe times when you just can’t figure it out. At those times, just accept that you can’t figure it out and somewhere down the road it will become clear to you.

Once you start to see that making mistakes are just part of learning and that they are not bad, you will see lots of things differently.

So I will leave you with the question , are mistakes good?

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6 thoughts on “Are Mistakes Good

  1. Derek Marshall

    HI there my friend,

    I love this site what a brill name, Are mistakes a good thing? I tend to think that there are no mistakes in life, just lessons to be learned.

    Only a fool does not learn for his or her mistakes.

    I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for uncluttering my mind

    1. Gloria

      Hi Dereck,

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad you like my site. You would be surprised at how many people do not learn from there mistakes. They see them as bad rather than as lessons to be learned.

  2. Dylan

    Definitely agree with what you have to say here. Everyone makes mistakes and you shouldn’t be ashamed of them. The problem is when you are constantly making the same mistake or purposely making the mistake and not caring about consequences.

    I agree mistakes are a great way to learn and grow. In fact nothing has ever been built without making mistakes and lots of them; I know I’ve made them.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post.

    1. Gloria

      Hi Dylan,

      I too have made lots of mistakes. I think everyone does. I hope people can understand that mistakes are how we learn and if they are not looked at that way, then they are repeated. just like you said.

  3. Julius

    Hello, I definitely agree with your article. We can’t be perfect and every mistake is a lesson. Every time we make a mistake, we should ask ourselves, why did it happen?

    Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with repeating the same mistake several times. Some people have very complex goals (like myself). And in order to achieve those goals we should restructure all our mind, which takes time…

    1. Gloria

      Hi Julius,

      Thanks for your comment. Mistakes are there for us to learn from. If we keep repeating the same mistake than we are not learning the lesson that is being presented to us. What is needed to be learned is not always apparent and we need to analyze what is going on so we can learn from it. Learning to control your mind would definitely help.

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