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Review Of The Secret Of Deliberate Creation-Does it work?

Will the Secret Of Deliberate Creation by Dr. Robert Anthony work for you? Let’s find out. The program can be purchased as a downloadable program or it’s available on discs.  I have the downloadable program. So what you are about to hear is my own experience with this program. When you first purchase the program… Read More »

Celebrities Talk About The Law Of Attraction

Celebrities Talk About The Law Of Attraction The video below is about how celebrities talk about the law of attraction. It is quite inspiring to see how the law of attraction changed their lives. And how they use it in their daily lives. Anyone who has doubts about the law of attraction will truly understand… Read More »

Mind Power

What Is Mind Power? Let’s have a look at what mind power is. Everything in our worlds is made up of energy that is vibrating. Our thoughts are also vibrations of energy. What does Quantum Physics say Quantum physics has now proven this to be true. What this means to us is that our thoughts… Read More »