Creating A Clutter Free Mind

Are You Ready To Have The Life You Want?

Do you dream of having enough money so you can do whatever you want? Maybe you want a large house or a new car or just to feel totally happy with no stress.

But  You see if you have clutter in your mind then those things can seem so far out of reach when they can be so easy to obtain when your mind is clear. Whether or not you know it, your thoughts and feelings are what create your life.

So if you have things in your mind that you keep thinking about, such as things from the past or you worry about things, then your mind is not clear and you will have trouble having the things you want.

Our minds have to be ready to be able to create things on purpose and they can not if we do not have a strong foundation of which to start with. That foundation starts with a clear mind.

It took me years to get where I am at because I only knew something was missing but had no idea what that was. I searched and searched for answers not really knowing what I was after.

I only knew that others were able to improve their lives. They were no different than me. So why couldn’t I do it?

I never realized that my mind was so full of garbage that it was stopping me. It took me a lot of research and lots and lots of time to figure it out.

I have created this site so that you will not have to go through all that. I want you to know how to have whatever you want in life.

So let’s start by building a strong foundation and grow from there.  creating a clutter free mind

Creating a clutter free mind starts with knowing what a cluttered mind is. When we have a cluttered mind we have stored stuff that we don’t need.

Sort of like how we put boxes of stuff in our attics and over the years the attic becomes cluttered.

Only with our minds, it is our subconscious mind that becomes cluttered.

What does it become cluttered with?

Anything that does not help us. For instance, bad feelings about a situation, anger, sadness, being afraid of certain things or having the wrong beliefs about things such as money or relationships.

These things stay with us our whole lives in our subconscious mind and if we do not have control of our thinking then those same thoughts and feelings will stay with us and feed our minds with negative stuff that actually stops us from moving ahead in the direction we want to go.

But where do all these come from?

They come from all sorts of things that happened in your life. They don’t even have to be bad things that happened to you. It maybe something that was said to you .

It could even be something that you overheard. Our subconscious mind remembers everything that has happened in our lives, even things we don’t remember.

But it doesn’t just remember things it remembers things according to our feelings at the time it happened.

So if you have a fear of something today, chances are you had something happen in your life that made you fear whatever it is and your subconscious remembers it and keeps you scared to protect you.

It has no way of knowing that you no longer fear it.

The problem is those same things that are suppose to be protecting you , are actually holding you back.

We call them limiting beliefs. They can affect our confidence, not being able to forgive, our anger levels, being jealous, being fearful of situations, not being able to make the money we want and many other things.

Have you ever had something that made you mad and you just continued to be mad?

Well if you paid attention to your thoughts at the time, you would see that your thoughts just keep feeding that anger and keep you mad. If you were in control of your thoughts you would be able to change them and be in a good mood again.

Controlling our minds is the first step to having what we want in life.

We can never reach our true potential when we are carrying around all these things.

So creating a clutter free mind teaches you how to remove this stuff so it doesn’t get in your way.

Most people have no idea that their mind has so much stuff that is holding them back. Most of the stuff is buried and even when it comes up we just accept it.

We do not question why we may feel anger at something that another person just brushes off or why someone is so calm about a situation that makes us totally nervous.

Why don’t we question it? Why do we just accept it? 

Everyone has their own clutter and no two people will be the same, after all, we have all had different experiences in our lives.

Even if we had the same experience as someone else, we would not have felt the exact same way. What bothers someone may not bother another.

If you don’t have what you want in life I can guarantee that you have garbage that needs to go.

 If you don’t remove it you will not be able to create the life you want. It is very hard to have a clear vision of how to get from where you are to where you want to be if you have all sorts of stuff in your mind that is telling you that you can’t do it.

It can affect your whole life because what you believe inside needs to be examined to see if it really is the truth or if it is actually a belief that was put there from an experience.

Most of the stuff that is there is buried deep so that we don’t even know it is there. So it makes it hard to remove something that we don’t even know is there.

You may have clear thinking in certain areas of your life but not in others. You can easily identify where the junk is just by looking at your life and asking yourself questions. Do I have good relationships? Do I have the perfect job for me? How is my health? Do I have enough money?  You can do this with every area of your life.

If the answer to these questions is no, then you know that is an area that you need to remove clutter from. The good news is, everything can be removed and you can have the life you want.

This is your life and you are the only one who can change it!

If you have been wondering why you can’t seem to have the life you want.  Garbage in your mind is the reason. A year ago I started removing all the garbage in my mind and I can tell you that I no longer feel or think the same. I see things differently too.

You will be able to live without negative thoughts. When you see someone having something that you have wanted, you will no longer feel bad or jealous. You will actually wish that person well and be thankful, as you will know that if someone else can have it, so can you.

Most of us have no clue as to what is in our minds that needs to go. But there is a process that we can learn that will let us find all our limiting beliefs and remove them and begin creating a clutter free mind.

But until you find them and remove them you will have no idea how amazing your life can truly be.

Imagine what you will be able to do

Just imagine for a minute that you really want this job. You are thinking about applying for it, but you begin to think things like, there will probably be more qualified people applying for it. I’m not sure if I’m qualified enough, I probably don’t have much of a chance, I’m probably just wasting my time. and so on until you have convinced yourself not to apply at all.

Now, if you had a clear mind then all that stuff would not even enter your mind. You would do everything you could to get the job with confidence and chances are you would get the job.

Or what about when you have your mind made up about something and then you talk to someone and all of a sudden you are no longer sure. That would not happen if you had a clear mind. Unless someone presented some facts, not their own opinion, you would not be persuaded because you would have already made up your mind.

Getting rid of all the garbage is truly power

You will know who you are! You may think you already do, but look at your life and see if what you want matches what you have.

If you are not controlling your thoughts then you are not controlling your own life.

If you want to start creating a clutter free mind and learn to control your own life then keep reading. At the bottom click to go to the next page where you will learn how to stop the negative thoughts and I will show you how creating a clutter free mind will put you on the correct path to getting what you want in life.

Remember you are a very powerful individual. 

You can do or have whatever you want!

You may not believe it now, but keep going and you will soon know it to be true!

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29 thoughts on “Creating A Clutter Free Mind

  1. Hannah

    Very useful and interesting article. I needed to read this at this point in my life. I’ve always got racing thoughts. It really disrupts my life sometimes. Including my work. I find it hard to get on with things when there’s loads other stuff going on in my head.

    Definitely going to take your advice. You seem to really know your stuff. Could do with some peace of mind!

    Keep up the good work. Your site is looking great!

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. If you have lots of racing thoughts, then you definitely need to get control of them and then learn to quiet the thoughts. You will be surprised at how much this can do for you. I also recommend the book creating a bug free mind , as it will teach you how to have control over your whole life.

  2. Randy

    Hey there,
    I really like your website, it’s very useful and well written.
    I am going to start using your techniques to de clutter my mind.
    I liked how this post created interest then it leads me to the next post with the actual technique to use, great idea!
    I will for sure be looking into more of your site here shortly.
    Thank you,

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Randy,

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad you have decided to start clearing your mind. You will be amazed at what this can do for you when you do it consistently. If you have questions just email me

    1. Gloria

      Thanks David,
      This is how I live my life. I learned a lot and then applied it to my life. Anyone can do this.

  3. Cyril

    A cluttered mind is simply creating procrastination throughout your road to success. I have been doing a lot of researches on it and I’ve found that there is actually some ways to clear the things that block us from being success. That is hypnosis. How do you think of it? Do you think that hypnosis is a good way to remove the bad things from our mind?

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi cyril ,

      Yes , Hypnosis is a good way, as are other ways. We all have things in our minds that stop us from where we want to go. Some people have lots of things, others have less. It may appear like procrastination is what the problem is but what may really be stopping someone could be fear or not feeling good enough or lots of other stuff. It is different for everyone. So you really need to know what is really stopping someone.

  4. Matthew Thomas

    Cluttered minds most certainly impede individuals from achieving things they’d like to accomplish. How would you recommend people go about doing so? Exercise, yoga, prayer, music, etc.? Or maybe some other methods? I personally find that setting goals and visualizing the achievement of those goals helps me focus on my most important achievements without the “noise”.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. As far as getting the mind quiet and being able to direct it please see my article how to stop the negative thoughts and how to quiet the mind. Both will guide you as to how to accomplish this. As far as achieving goals visualization is one way that will help you. But you must be sure you do not have any limiting beliefs that are going to slow or stop your progress towards your goals.

  5. blubutterfly

    Awesome article, thank you. It took me years to work this out, for years I would hold on to stuff!! I knew that it was damaging and held me back. I became a yoga freak years back which helped me deal with this kind of thing, as well as learning to let thoughts go as soon as they come in if they are coming from fear. Thank you, you have covered so much here. Great post 🙂

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Blubutterfly,

      I am glad to hear you have control of your thoughts. Most people do not. In fact most people have no idea that their thoughts play any kind of role in their lives. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Kim

    Thanks for bringing up this topic. In my opinion, the way a so called ‘cluttered mind’ and limiting beliefs are affecting our lives in a negative way, can not be discussed enough.

    Far too many people are ‘stuck’ within their past, making them totally unable to develop confidence enough to reach their true potential.

    It’s true as you say, that it’s very hard to move forward and improve your life when you carry around this ‘burden’ of past negative experiences.

    I really like the exercise you mention, where we practise on holding on to a positive memory for 15-20 seconds. Practising mental exercises such as this one daily, will help us take control of our thoughts. Our thoughts will gradually shift to more mositive ones – which in turn will lead to a more confidence and improved self image.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your comment. yes, it’s too bad that so many people are stuck with so much baggage. The exercises I tell about do make a person aware of their own thoughts and let them change them to positive ones. The problem is that not enough people are aware of the fact that their thoughts create their lives so they don’t do anything about it.

  7. Kevin Pola

    Awesome article, never though about a cluttered mind affecting me achieving my goals. I have so much on my mind all the time it is hard to focus. I just assumed this is normal for a busy person like myself. I have thoughts come to me when I am busy working on a task and 9 out of 10 times it will distract me.
    I have attempted to use notebooks and software to record these thought and move on with what I am doing. It always starts well but I don’t have the discipline to keep going. So I just struggle on.

    Cheers Kev

    1. Gloria

      Hi Kevin,
      Most people have the same problem as you and most think it’s normal. If fact no one has to have all those thoughts running through their minds. All you need to do it get control of your mind and you can completely quiet your mind on demand. Go to my article how to stop the negative thoughts and then how to quiet the mind and you will learn how.

  8. Chawn Bracey

    Chasing dreams and achieving success usually take a clear and focused mind. We need to be able to develop Tunnel Vision when working for what we want out of life without it we are in for a pleasant surprise. This site has laid to foundation for focus. Thank you for creating this platform, I feel blessed to run into it on the web. I will definitely be a frequent visitor.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Chawn,

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad you like my site. I want to help as many people as I can. I look forward to you stopping by again.

  9. Yvonne

    Thanks for this post! I’ve found that meditating regularly (twice a day for at least 15-20 minutes at a time) has been really helpful in seeing all that mind clutter. From that, it becomes easier for me to choose more beneficial thoughts and beliefs – to create a different story, if you will.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Yvonne,

      I am glad to hear that you are able to control your thoughts and change them to something better! Keep up the great work. If you want a quicker way to get there daily, grab a copy of Creating A Bug Free Mind.

  10. lilywong

    Recently, I have been experiencing a lot of negative mind clutter. I would really like to be free of them. The points you have highlighted in this article is really spot on. But I still find it is challenging to remove it when the mind is hooked on certain issue. Perhaps you can share some effective ways we can release thoughts we seem addicted to? Thanks.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Lilywong,

      The mind can only think about one thing at a time. So if you can divert your mind to good thoughts, even if it is for a few seconds keep doing it and you will find that you have completely forgotten about what your mind was stuck on before.

  11. Dan

    I need to follow your advice and just LET GO of the past and focus on right now. That’s all that matters, I would love to imagine a world where I just dropped all the negative feelings I have. I think that truly successful people are really good at de-cluttering their mind. Great advice for 2017!

    1. Gloria Post author

      HI Dan,

      If we want to move forward, we must have a clear mind and control of it so that we can decide what our thoughts are rather than letting them run on auto pilot. If we live in the now then we can move forward, but if we are still in the past then that is where we will stay.

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