Your Ego

By | March 21, 2016

Your Ego

I’m sure you’ve heard someone describe someone else as having a big ego. What do they mean by that? How is your ego big?

What they mean by that is a person with characteristics such as, always having to be right, always getting in the last word, feeling superior over others, may appear as having high self-confidence, always focused on self and is blind to their own flaws.your ego

A person’s ego is largely determined by their childhood. For example when a boy grows up with a dad that has a know it all attitude , then chances are great that the his son will also develop the same attitude. This usually happens because the son wants to be like dad.

Egos are there to protect us.

So depending on what happened in a person’s childhood, the ego may feel it needs to protect a lot or a little.

So what happens when the ego is trying to protect us from things that happened in our childhood?

If the things the ego is trying to protect no longer apply to us, you end up with limiting beliefs.

You see when you have a fear of something such as trying new things or making mistakes, it is because your ego is trying to protect you. It goes back to something that happened to you , usually many times. The problem is that your ego has no clue that you don’t need protection from that anymore. So it will go on protecting you.

Now think about if you have lots of things that your ego thinks it needs to protect you from. Your ego is actually holding you back.

Think about times when you’ve really wanted to do or try something but something stops you. That would be your ego. It will tell you things to make you change your mind. Yes, it is the voice in your head that you thought was you.

you can know something intellectually as being true, but it can still affect you if your ego thinks something else. For example, lets say you are scared of crossing bridges. You know that bridges are safe. They are inspected and have a regular maintenance schedule. However knowing this does no good as you are still afraid of crossing bridges and try as you may , you still can’t convince yourself otherwise.

The fear is still there. Your ego thinks it is protecting you. Something happened at some point in your life that scared you concerning bridges. You can not remember anything, but your ego remembers.

Actually your ego remembers your feelings at the time of what happened to make you fear crossing bridges and it is protecting you from feeling that way again. But your ego has no way of knowing that you were a child who perceived bridges as scary so the belief will remain there until you remove it.

Our egos can be a great help to us. They remind us of all sort of things , like always looking both ways when we cross the street, remembering to put our seat belts on and so on.

It is only when our beliefs right now of what is true, doesn’t match up with our egos beliefs of what is true that we will feel held back in some way.

In order for you to be able to do the things you want to do and  to become who you really want to be,  you have to remove the limiting beliefs that your ego still thinks are true for you today.

This is not always an easy task , as you can’t remove something that you don’t know is there. Fortunately there are ways to do this.

Remember, if you live with your limiting beliefs, then you will only be able to acheive what they allow you to.
Free your limiting beliefs and let your ego know you no longer need help in these areas.

6 thoughts on “Your Ego

  1. Richard B. Rivera

    Gloria, you are introducing concepts that most people have never heard about and I think its great. We all live our lives without even knowing why we think the way we do. Residual beliefs passed on for generations and until one becomes aware of this fact, change is oh so slow or not at all. I haven’t read it entirely but I know I’ll be back. The principal of surrounding yourself with like minded people is reinforced here and I need to refresh often. Thank you so much. This will definitely help me on my journey.

    1. Gloria Post author

      Hi Richard,
      I do understand that a lot of people maybe unaware of these concepts. I want to make everyone aware and let them decide what they choose to take in or not. The world would be a better place for us all if we understood about how our minds work and applied correct thinking. Thanks for the comment Richard.

  2. Richard B. Rivera

    Gloria, your page titled “Your Ego” is explained very well and sheds a kinder light on the part of the subconscious mind that is often misunderstood. It’s a good read and a fact. I like everything else I read as well.
    Richard Rivera

    1. Gloria Post author

      Thank you Richard,
      Thank for leaving a comment. I am glad you enjoyed it. I want more people to understand what their ego is and how it works. I hope you will enjoy more of my articles.

  3. Taking A Leap Of Faith

    When someone says another person has a big ego they mean that person is always right, getting in the last word, has super self-confidence, doesn’t notice their own flaws, if focused on themselves, and feels they are better than others.

    Generally our ego is taken with us through childhood, so if we have an adult in our lives who had an ego and we emulate them then we grow up with an ego.

    When you have a fear of something, like trying new things, you ego tries to protect you from it. Even if you don’t need protection anymore, because you’ve grown up and you need to experience new things, it will continue trying to protect you, which is actually holding you back. So you need to free you limiting beliefs so you can go on and live a fulfilling life. A good book to help you, titled Limiting Beliefs: 7 Ways to Stop Limiting Beliefs in Days by Ruth Logan is a good place to start.

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