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What Is Fear Of Failure

What Is Fear Of Failure And What Causes It? Fear of failure is when you desire success but fear failure more. It can be like you want to quit the job you have right now and there is a job opening that you are very interested in. You want to apply for it. It could be… Read More »

Cure For Insomnia

Are You Ready To Finally Find That Cure For Insomnia? Insomnia is defined as trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Is there a cure for insomnia? I’m sure if you have been to your doctor, he has told you no. Well,  wouldn’t you like to prove him or her wrong? your doctor probably went over… Read More »

Is It Better To Give Than Receive

Is it better to give than receive? What is your opinion on this? When I was growing up I can remember many times when my mother would always help someone who needed it. Now i’m not talking about giving someone money just because they ask for it. I’m talking about the elderly lady who was… Read More »