Monthly Archives: March 2016

Where Does Motivation Come From

Where Does Motivation Come From? Where does motivation come from? Good question. It come from within ourselves. People who are highly motivated have certain things in place that just motivate them. They don’t even have to try. It’s just there. These thing they have are skills that anyone can learn. It’s basically your mindset that… Read More »

Mind And Body

Can Our Mind and Body Work Together To Keep Sickness Away? When we think about clearing our mind we should also be thinking about how our mind and body work together. If you have been reading other articles of mine you will know that our thoughts and emotions create our lives. But have you ever… Read More »

Limiting Beliefs

Don’t Let Your Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back We all have limiting beliefs. They show up in our lives and even though we can’t always see how they are affecting us. they are there. You can tell what areas of your life your limiting beliefs are affecting just by looking at your life. Where in… Read More »

Your Ego

Your Ego I’m sure you’ve heard someone describe someone else as having a big ego. What do they mean by that? How is your ego big? What they mean by that is a person with characteristics such as, always having to be right, always getting in the last word, feeling superior over others, may appear… Read More »

Staying Focused

How Staying Focused Helps You Staying focused is the one sure way of getting more accomplished. In order to focus on what needs to be done you have to have a clear vision of what needs to be done. I know that sounds kinda obvious but you would be surprised how many people see the… Read More »